Resolving Annapolis Car Accident Claims

Car accident claims in Annapolis can be handled and resolved in a few different ways, some of which may be somewhat unique. The most prominent ways of resolving these cases is through trial in court, or through mediation. It is important to consult with an Annapolis car accident attorney about which form of resolution is the best fit for a particular case. Depending on the facts and circumstances of a case, and the wishes of the parties involved, mediation may be a viable means of resolution.


One way that car accident claims are sometimes resolved in Annapolis is through mediation, which can take place prior to, or after filing suit. Mediation is where the parties agree and the court appoints a mediator who is an objective third-party, and has been trained in mediation, whose goal it is to assist the parties in trying to come together, bridge any differences, and try to assist the parties in reaching a resolution and settlement of the claim either prior to filing the suit or after filing suit but prior to trial.

Mediation can be beneficial, because it can short circuit any litigation process that can be lengthy, costly, contentious, and very adversarial. Mediation is not binding, so therefore it is simply a way to assist parties to understand the issues in the case and the relative positions of the parties and to try to come up with a solution that is agreeable and beneficial to both sides. Mediation saves a lot of litigation costs because to go to trial, experts must testify as to any issues of liability and any issue of damages and these experts are paid for their time. It is costly to have them involved in a case through the discovery process and through trial; so, mediation is beneficial if a reasonable resolution can be reached because costs can be saved by both parties, which can aid in a reasonable settlement of the case.

For that reason, mediation has become more popular—particularly when the mediator is an experienced attorney or former judge who is in the same jurisdiction where the case would be filed or is quite familiar with that jurisdiction. The mediator’s experience is beneficial to help the parties understand likely outcomes in court and the legal issues a judge or a jury may address in court, as well as the lawyers and their experience that can be relied upon to assist in getting the case resolved. There is a benefit from a cost standpoint as well as a benefit to resolving the case by being able to make the decision for a certain result as opposed to an uncertain result left to the hands of a judge or jury if it goes to trial.

Resolution in Court

Another means of resolving car accident claims in Annapolis results from the fact that in Maryland, there are two courts in which a person can file a court action; district and circuit court.

District Court

District court allows for claims up to $30,000.00 and the benefit to filing a case in district court in Maryland is the fact that an individual can submit proof of damages by submitting the medical bills, the medical reports, and the wage loss information without the need of an expert, district court provides an opportunity to go before a judge to submit the damages—particularly the medical damages—by medical documentation consisting of the medical bills and the medical reports without the need for bringing the medical expert and having to pay that expert to come to court, thereby saving those costs and having the judge be able to render a decision.

For smaller claims, that is a viable option to consider. The cost savings assists in the ability to obtain a reasonable outcome that maximizes the recovery to the injured victim involved in the collision.

Circuit Court

Circuit court is the other option for a claim with a value exceeding $30,000.00 and that is the court in which someone has a full discovery process and in almost all cases they need the testimony of an expert to prove their damages.