Common Causes of Car Accidents in Annapolis

The most common cause of car accidents in Annapolis as of late are because of texting while driving. Texting has become one of the main reasons that car accidents occur due to distracted drivers in Annapolis. It is illegal to use handheld devices in any way, including using the phone to make a call, or operating the device without a hands-free option. This law has arisen as a result of the numerous accidents that have occurred because of drivers that have been distracted by their cell phones.

Annapolis law states that an individual can use hands-free cellphones, either by Bluetooth or a speakerphone, but they cannot have the device in their hands while they are driving.

Drinking and Driving

Another common cause of car accidents in Annapolis is drinking and driving. The legal limit for driving under the influence is 0.08, which is typically in excess of two glasses of wine over a two-hour period. Those who get behind the wheel after they have been drinking do not have the reflexes, or the state of mind to react appropriately and drive properly on the road. Therefore, this makes them a danger to other motorists on the roadway.

Drinking impairs drivers’ judgment, and therefore many accidents occur as a result of someone getting behind the wheel after they have been drinking.


Another cause of accidents in Annapolis is drivers who speed. Not driving within the speed limit is a violation of the motor safety laws in Annapolis, and speed can contribute to the cause of accidents and severity of injuries.

Weather-Related Accidents

A further common cause of accidents in Annapolis can be unpredictable and harsh weather conditions. The motor vehicle driver has to alter their driving under the circumstances with which they are faced with when on the highways. If the weather is clear, then an individual is bound to drive reasonably under those circumstances.  If there is a change in weather to either rain, snow or ice, then that driver must alter their driving commensurate with the conditions of the road way, and what is reasonable under the circumstances.

If the driver does not alter their driving, which is not reasonable under the circumstances, then they can be found responsible for causing accidents due to weather conditions.

Importance of an Attorney

The most important reason to contact an injury lawyer is the fact that the at-fault party is going to have representation by the insurance company adjusters and attorneys on their side. Therefore, an individual will need an attorney so that they have a level playing field when dealing with the insurance company.

Once an attorney represents an individual, the insurance company can no longer talk to the client, rather they must speak with the attorney.

To learn your rights once you are involved in an accident, it is important to get the advice of an experienced accident lawyer who will be able to know how the process is going to work, what obligations there are in terms of cooperation, and just to be informed and educated about your rights and responsibilities pertaining to a claim. Otherwise, you are at a disadvantage when the at-fault party has the representation of the insurance company and their resources behind him or her.