Case Process for Survival Actions in Maryland

The loss of a loved one can be an overwhelming ordeal. Grieving is painful enough without the added strain of worrying about paying the medical bills and funeral costs of your loved one, however, you could potentially recover compensation for your loss. A determined wrongful death attorney could help you pursue compensation by guiding you through the case process for survival actions in Maryland.

Overview of the Survival Actions Case Process

The process of investigating a wrongful death case is like the investigation of a personal injury case. However, there is the added investigation of the medical charge describing how the wrongful act contributed directly to the death.

A wrongful death case is completed when a judgment by courts in a jury case is finalized and the judgment is acted upon by the attorneys or is completed and signed by beneficiaries because that is the fair and best value for their claim.

Evidence in Survival Actions

The case process for survival actions in Maryland is like any other normal tort action in the sense that the attorney gathers evidence and sends a demand to the other party. If the opposing party does not satisfy the demand, a suit is filed.

Most of the evidence that is gathered is the income of the deceased at the time of their death and medical records to help explain the pain and suffering the loved one experienced before their death.

How is the Evidence That is a Gathered in a Wrongful Death Case Different?

In a wrongful death case, the attorney gathers evidence to prove the wrongful act of the at-fault driver that negligently or feloniously injured their client’s loved one and proves that the injury resulted in the death of a loved one. The second step that resulted in death is different than other personal injury matters.

Duration of a Wrongful Death Case

The length of time to prosecute a wrongful death case depends on the case. The time can be shorter in cases that involve a vehicle collision or premise liability matter or much longer if it is medical malpractice because there is an additional administrative process for medical malpractice claims that result in death. The attorney can give a person a broad evaluation, but the length of time for a wrongful case from start to finish is case specific.

Another factor that could affect the timeline of a wrongful death case is when a case is brought against a municipal or state entity. Some administrative processes are required to maintain an action against the government.

How a Maryland Wrongful Death Attorney Can Help

You may wonder when is the right time to get an attorney involved in the case process for survival actions in Maryland. A wrongful death attorney should become involved when the loss occurs because there are so many factors that take place. A wrongful death case starts with the death of the loved one. When an attorney is involved as soon as possible, they can get all the evidence needed to prove the causation between the wrongful act and the death of the loved one. Work with a compassionate and capable wrongful death attorney that could achieve a positive outcome for you.

Maryland Survival Actions