Rockville Paralysis Injury Lawyer

There is no need to emphasize how uniquely devastating and debilitating injuries resulting in permanent paralysis can be, especially if you recently this kind of harm because someone else acted in a negligent way. What is worth highlighting, though, is the risk you may be taking if you fail to enforce your right to civil recovery, not only in the short term but in the long term as well.

If your injury stemmed directly from another person’s misconduct and would not have happened but for their irresponsible actions, you may have grounds to demand substantial financial compensation with help from a Rockville paralysis injury lawyer. Beyond just helping you build a comprehensive claim against the person responsible for your injury, your dedicated catastrophic injury attorney could tirelessly pursue the restitution you deserve for damages you have already sustained and damages you will likely experience going forward.

How Negligence Could Cause a Paralyzing Accident

While paralysis injuries are uniquely severe and very often provide few prospects for long-term recovery, the basic legal theory underpinning civil recovery is the same for this kind of injury as it is for most others. To hold someone else financially accountable for an accident resulting in paralysis, an injured individual must establish that other person’s “legal negligence”—in other words, their violation of a duty of care that proximately caused the injuries in question.

Paralysis borne of negligence most commonly stems from spinal cord trauma, which in turn most commonly stems from motor vehicle collisions, medical negligence, sudden slips or trips and falls, and accidents during athletic events. In some cases, paralysis can be caused by severe nerve damage in a particular area of the body, potentially from severe burns, defective consumer products, or unreasonably dangerous medications.

Whatever the particular cause of a paralyzing injury is, a plaintiff intending to file suit over it generally has just three years after suffering that injury in which to start pursuing a lawsuit against the party responsible for it, per Maryland Code, Courts & Judicial Proceedings §5-101. Assistance from a qualified Rockville paralysis accident attorney can be all but essential to building and filing a comprehensive claim within this strict deadline.

Seeking Fair Financial Recovery for Damages

Part of what makes seeking compensation for a paralysis injury so complicated is just how broad and long-lasting the repercussions of such an injury can be. Depending on the circumstances, a person who becomes paralyzed through another person’s negligence may have to leave their old job or be unable to perform any work whatsoever, cover exorbitantly expensive bills for both emergency and long-term rehabilitative medical services, and pay for assistive medical equipment and home modifications.

On top of all that, they may have to contend with various forms of physical, emotional, and psychological pain stemming from their injury—and even worse, there are often caps on how much individual plaintiffs can recover for damages like this applicable under MD Code, C&JP §3-2A-09. Once again, guidance from a qualified Rockville attorney could be crucial to overcoming these possible roadblocks and effectively demanding fair compensation for a paralysis injury.

Consider Working with a Rockville Paralysis Injury Attorney

Unfortunately, there is rarely an easy road forward following a paralyzing accident, even if you have extensive evidence proving someone else was at fault for causing your injury. Fortunately, there is help available from dedicated and experienced legal representatives who know how catastrophic this kind of injury can be and who could diligently protect your rights and interests throughout every stage of ensuing litigation.

A conversation with a Rockville paralysis injury lawyer could answer your questions and give you a thorough understanding of your options for financial recovery. Call today to schedule yours.

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