The Role of A Maryland Injury Lawyer in Personal Injury Cases

Typically attorneys are called counselors by the court, not attorneys, because one of the roles they play is that of a counselor. An attorney is going to listen to the client and sympathizes with them about their situation, and will intimately know about the ins and outs and aspects of their case. They are a guide in helping the client go through the system.

Additionally, the attorney acts as an advisor by giving each client the best advice available so that they can make a decision that they are most comfortable with. This is all in addition to the typical roles that are more commonly associated with being a lawyer such as litigating and fighting for their clients and advancing their position against the insurance companies who may seek to discredit or not believe the alleged claims.

The Value of Trust in an Attorney-Client Relationship

Trust is paramount in the attorney – client relationship because without trust the client wouldn’t feel comfortable in handing over their case to the attorney and believing that the attorney is doing right by them and if the attorney wasn’t advancing their interests as much as possible in order to get the best results for each client.

Once that trust is broken it is very difficult to get it back so as an attorney we always believe in being open and honest with the clients as much as possible, fostering lines of communication throughout the life of the case and being able to answer client’s questions with an open and honest attitude.

Role of an Attorney When There Are Multiple Injured Parties

Regardless of the number of people who are injured in one accident or several accidents everyone should have their own attorney. One attorney can represent multiple people involved in an accident.

What is a Class Action Lawsuit?

Class action lawsuit is where a group of similarly situated people all make the same or similar claims against one or a specific number of defendants. Classic examples of class action lawsuit are products, surgical products such as you know hip replacement or vaginal mesh things like that against a company or several people that have been affected and injured by some kind of defective or malfunctioning product and they want to bring a similar case against the manufacturer or retailer or you know one specific defendant.