First Steps to Take After An Injury in Maryland to Build Your Case

The following is taken from an interview with an injury attorney in Maryland as they discuss what actions someone should take immediately after being involved in an accident. For more information, call and schedule a consultation today.

After someone has been injured, the first thing you should do is document the event or accident that caused the injury. So if it was a slip and fall what you would do is figure out the address of the place where the fall occurred and take pictures or measurements to any landmarks that you can discern the exact location of.

One other thing you would do is take notice of who owns the building or who the management company is and you take pictures of the exact spot where the accident happened.

After taking those steps you should try to speak to any witnesses. If there is any kind of security video or surveillance video you try to get a hold of that and that you can get by contacting the managing company or property owner.

If you are having any kind of injuries you should go see a doctor right away so that they can take a look at you and just make sure everything is okay because sometimes injuries creep up on you and you don’t necessarily think about until later. After an initial treatment, it’s important you follow up with that treatment as best as possible so that you can resolve your injuries sooner after the accident happened and that you can get all the treatment available to you that may or may not be necessary.

Then you should go out and seek an attorney and tell them the circumstances of your injury and see if you have a case or not and that is pretty much it after you are involved in an injury.

How Soon After an Injury Should I Contact an Attorney?

As soon as you are able to, because the earlier they get involved the better they are, the better situated they are to give you advice and make sure that they know the situation. Then an attorney can do their own investigation on the accident and collect evidence from all of the available avenues.

Biggest Mistakes to Avoid in Personal Injury Cases

Well some of the mistakes people make are trying to resolve a case on their own. They might believe that they only have minimal injuries or minor bumps and bruises. So they try to tough it out or not follow the doctor’s advice which can come back to haunt them.

Like for example, if you have some minor injuries right away and you decide to resolve your case for a small amount thinking the injuries are no big deal. Then a month later your back pain still has not gone away or your leg pain still has not gone away and when you go back to the doctor they realize that your injuries are more severe than they originally thought.

Since you already resolved the case by yourself then you are kind of out of luck for doing anything about that because when you try to claim those injuries from the insurance company they will tell you, “Well, sorry you have already resolved your case and you know those injuries weren’t treated for another month and so we are deeming them unrelated to the accident.”

That can result in severe loss of a chance of compensation that you would have been otherwise entitled to if you had gone to an attorney who can tell you that you should follow up with your treatment to make sure that all your injuries are covered and that everything is documented by your doctor so that they can link all your injuries and damages to the accident.