How Do I Request a Police Report After an Accident in Maryland?

In the aftermath of an accident in Maryland, you may need a copy of the official police report to pursue a legal claim for personal injury. The procedure for going about this will depend on where the accident occurred and whether you were involved in the accident.

Maryland Transportation Authority Police Reports

The Central Records Unit of the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) is the repository responsible for retaining and distributing reports relating to motor vehicle accidents. You may request an official copy of an MDTA police report either by mail, in person, or via email at least seven days after the accident.

To make an MDTA police request report by mail, you can reach out to the Central Records Unit at least seven business days after the accident to determine whether the report you need is available and the associated fees to pay. If it is available, complete the MTDA report request form and mail it to the specified address with the stated payment and a self-addressed, business-sized, stamped envelope. MTDA will then send the report to you.

If you want to obtain an MDTA police report in person, you can visit the Central Records Unit from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding state holidays. MDTA advises that you call before you arrive to ensure that the report you need is available. You may pay the required fees via check or money order, and you will receive the official copy of the report on the spot.

To complete your request via email, fill out the MTDA report request form and email it to the specified address. MTDA will email you a copy of the report in PDF format to the address you provide, free of charge.

Maryland State Police Motor Vehicle Accident Reports

If Maryland State Police (MSP) investigated the accident in question, you may request a copy of an MSP motor vehicle accident report at least 10 days after the accident occurred, allowing enough time for processing.  There are three ways to obtain an MSP police report after an accident.

To request a copy in person from the MSP barrack that completed the accident report, be sure to call ahead to ensure it is available. If it is available, you can pay $4 via check or money order for the representatives there to complete the document search. You may also request the police report in person at MSP’s Central Records Division from 8:30 to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding state holidays.

To obtain MSP reports after an accident in Maryland by mail, you can complete the required form and mail it along with the nonrefundable $4 check or money order payable to Maryland State Police.

Other Ways to Request Accident Reports in Maryland

There are also jurisdiction-specific ways of seeking accident reports in Maryland, depending on the city or county where the accident occurred. Below are a few local procedures. Be sure to contact the relevant county if the one where your accident occurred is not listed below.

For example, if the accident occurred in the City of Baltimore, requests for police reports should be made to the Baltimore Police Department’s Central Records Division at (410) 396-2234. You can also search LexisNexis BuyCrash for motor vehicle accident reports for incidents that occurred in the City of Baltimore.

In Baltimore County, the Baltimore County Police Department (BCoPD) charges $15 per copy of an accident report and provides the documentation by mail. If your accident involved a crime, the report is free if you were a victim. To make your request, you can download the BCoPD Request for Copy of Police Report form and mail it to the address specified within, along with a check or money order and a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

To request an accident report in Montgomery County, the Montgomery County Police Department must first verify that you were involved in the accident. If so, you may obtain a police report for $10. If you wish to use the online portal, you need to create a user account on the Montgomery County Police Department Records Center, upload your photo ID, select “Submit a Records Request,” and then choose “Accident Report.” By mail, you may send a completed collision report request form, a copy of your photo ID, a self-addressed and stamped envelope, and a check or money order to the Public Safety Headquarters Records Division.

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