Columbia Dog Bite Lawyer

Generally in Maryland dog bite cases, the owners of a dog would have to know of a dog’s propensity to bite, in order for the owner to be held liable for the actions of the dog. Typically, the knowledge is obtained when the dog bites or attacks. Following this first instance, the owner has the knowledge of the dog’s propensity to act in such a way and an owner may be liable for any subsequent events. Dog bite cases are evaluated pursuant to the laws of Maryland and they can vary based on the severity of the injury, as well as who is actually liable at the time the injury occurred.

If you have been injured by a dog bite, consult with an experienced Columbia personal injury attorney to evaluate your claim and learn more. An attorney can advise you on important next steps and get started right away in being your advocate.

Possible Injuries

People are injured in any number of ways from any number of incidents. Dog bites can result in very serious injuries, while other times it may result in very little injuries. Thus, the nature and extent of a person’s injury is typically unique to his or her own individual claim. The evaluation as to who may be liable for the injuries is the same regardless of the extent of the injuries and thus, it is important to consider this issue primarily before moving on to the evaluation of damages.

Determining Liability

In dog bite cases, a large part of the evaluation process is determining who may be responsible for the actions of the dog. This issue may seem straight forward, but oftentimes it can be complicated, such as if the dog is living in a rental home; or just visiting another location; or is outside the care and control of its owner, such as with the dog walker or any other person charged with its care. Therefore, this is one of the primary issues that a dog bite attorney in Columbia evaluates and considers during the claim process. The attorney will work towards resolving these issues as quickly as possible so that the claim can advance towards beneficial resolution.

Role of a Columbia Attorney

The evaluation and investigation process in a dog bite case is similar to other cases. It is important to have a firm understanding of the incident from the client; and based upon that information, the attorney will take the necessary steps in order to secure pertinent information and evidence necessary to establish the claim.

Maryland statutes have unique standards and requirements involving dogs; anyone who has been attacked or bitten by a dog should consult with a well-qualified, experienced dog bite attorney in order to evaluate the claim, determine who may be liable, and evaluate the likelihood of success.

It is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible so that the attorney can initiate the evaluation and investigation process, as well as secure any and all information and evidence necessary to establish the claim.