Our Approach to TBI Cases in College Park

At Price Benowitz, we view traumatic brain injury cases as a very serious and complicated medical issue. We have lots of experience working locally in College Park, and have previously handled many TBI cases where we worked closely with our clients and their treating physicians in order to adequately and fully present their claims so that the clients may receive fair compensations for their injuries.

Cost of Consultation

Here at Price Benowitz, the consultations are free. Attorney fees are handled on a contingency fee basis. This means that if there is no recovery in the case, for whatever reason, attorneys do not get paid and the client is not responsible for any attorney fees or costs. Further, Price Benowitz will front any costs for medical experts or any other necessary costs while pursuing the claim.

Treatment of TBI Cases

At Price Benowitz, our attorney’s take these cases very seriously. Traumatic brain injuries need to be handled with diligence and care, because they can have a lasting effect on an injured individual and can affect not only their day-to-day life, but also their employment and their ability to maintain a household. Often times, TBI claims are underestimated because they are somewhat unusual and not all attorneys understand the severity of these injuries.

A person who has suffered a TBI appears to be well and normal functioning, but it takes someone with experience and knowledge of these claims to fully understand the potential issues involved with traumatic injuries to the brain. Experience is also key in having a good understanding of the medical records and medical issues in the case in order to present the claims and pass those claims.

Role of Trust

It is important for the client to trust the attorney because ultimately there are a lot of decisions that must be made throughout the course of the claim where the client will have to rely solely upon the recommendations of the attorney.

When a person chooses their attorney, they must agree to trust that attorney to make decisions that are in their best interests. The client must understand that if an attorney is making a recommendation, the recommendation is intended to advance the client’s claim and best interest. Unfortunately, there is no way for the client to verify this and therefore the client must simply trust the information provided by the attorney.

At the same time, the attorney has to trust the client. The client must have a fair, frank and open discussion with their attorney so that the attorney can fully understand any issues in the claim and trust their client being truthful with the attorney.

Building Attorney-Client Trust

Our attorneys build a strong attorney-client relationship by having a clear line of communication with clients. Clients have the ability to communicate directly with the attorney handling their case. Attorneys make themselves available to their clients and always do their best to explain any issues that come up during the course of the case, as well as the rationale for any decisions that need to be made throughout the course of the claim.

Dedication to Clients

At Price Benowitz, we are dedicated to helping clients with traumatic brain injury because we understand how devastating the injury can be to an injured person and how long standing the effects of a TBI are on the individuals and their families. Injured persons need representation, and they need attorneys who will work passionately to provide and obtain fair and adequate compensations for their injuries. We here at Price Benowitz go above and beyond the typical attorney-client relationship by making ourselves available at all times to the clients. We work with clients to explain any issues and provide them with an honest assessment of their claim. Likewise, we here at Price Benowitz strive to obtain the best results possible for our clients.

Why Work with a Private Law Firm

The benefits of working with a law firm are that the client can have some assurance that the attorney is willing to see the case through litigation, if necessary. Traumatic brain injury cases can be somewhat complex and expensive to present to a judge or a jury, but a law firm that has a larger business structure is able to afford the costs necessary to present that claim through litigation.

If a person was to retain the services of a solo practitioner, that lawyer may be unwilling or unable to afford the costs necessary to pursue the case through litigation. If that occurs then the lawyer may be motivated to direct the client towards settlement, which may or may not be in that client’s best interests.

The attorneys at Price Benowitz can see a case through litigation and have no problem fronting the costs when they are necessary in a particular case. This ability to eliminate any financial stress in a case allows the client to make fair and reasonable decisions regarding whether they wish to settle their case prior to initiating a lawsuit or whether they intend to pursue their claims through litigation.

College Park Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer