College Park Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

When someone suffers a traumatic brain injury (TBI) they will very often work with a lawyer to seek compensation. Typically, a lawyer begins working with his clients on a traumatic brain injury case as soon as the client retains the attorney. A College Park traumatic brain injury lawyer can begin investigating the claim and sorting through the medical issues right away. It is very important for the attorney to investigate the claim thoroughly, as soon as possible, so that any unforeseen medical issues can be dealt with right away.

Unique Aspects of TBI Cases

What is unique about damages stemming from traumatic brain injury is that the attorney must be informed and experienced at presenting these damages to the jury. These damages are especially hard to prove to a jury because the injured client appears to be well and normal functioning, but closer evaluations may show that they have cognitive issues. Thus, it takes certain medical professionals to be present as witnesses to explain these damages to the jury and illustrate what exactly is happening to the client and how the injury is affecting the client’s life, as well as how it may continue to affect their life in the future. This information is critically important to present to the jury because the injury is often something they cannot physically see. The unique issue with TBI cases is that the jury may have difficult time crediting or fully appreciating the injury sustained by the client.

Assessing Damages

Damages for a traumatic brain injury are assessed through a multiple phase evaluation. First, there are the straightforward damages that result immediately from the trauma. Because of their proximity in time to the accident, these damages are often readily apparent.

The other phase of the evaluation deals with the ongoing effects of the traumatic brain injury and how the symptoms affect the individual client. These types of issues can range from fairly mild to extremely severe, which is why the evaluation is done in phases throughout the course of the client’s recovery. The nature and extent of the damages typically depend on the facts of that individual case.

Common Types

A common type of damage that results from traumatic brain injury involves the medical treatment that is to be rendered immediately after the accident. That medical treatment will be readily apparent through the emergency room documentation and the physicians treating the client immediately after the accident, for something such as a fractured skull.

Cognitive Issues as Injuries

Often traumatic brain injury can lead to cognitive issues. This usually means that a person may not be able to concentrate and focus like they could before the accident, either in intensity or duration.

Again, these injuries could be temporary or could linger on over time. A traumatic brain injury lawyer in College Park will be familiar with these injuries, and can recognize them and assist the client to seek proper medical attention. A lawyer can not only document the injuries but also assist in the client’s recovery.

Consulting a College Park TBI Attorney

The purpose of an initial consultation is to sort out all of the medical issues and collect as much information as possible, such as:

  1. the facts of the case
  2. the symptoms the client is experiencing
  3. the course of treatment recommended by the medical professionals

The initial consultation can be lengthy because the potential client and the attorney must go through a lot of information. Those initial consultations are a great way for clients to understand what they are looking for in an attorney. Again, it is extremely important for a College Park traumatic brain injury lawyer to investigate all the medical issues as soon as possible. Therefore, it is important the potential client be as candid as possible with the attorney.

Attorney-Client Relationship

Damages in TBI cases are typically discovered over the course of several evaluations; the process takes some time. A College Park traumatic brain injury lawyer works with the client to investigate the nature and extent of the injuries, how the client is doing now versus his cognitive performance prior to the accident. Traumatic brain injury cases require a great deal of interaction between attorney and client in order to fully evaluate the damages so that that issue can be fully presented as part of the claim. For more information on how the attorneys at Price Benowitz treat TBI claims, call today and schedule your consultation.

College Park Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer