Hiring a Lawyer for a TBI Claim in College Park

In general, it is the attorney’s responsibility to keep the client informed of the status of the case and any issues or problems that may come up during the course of the case. No one likes to hear that there is a problem or issue with their case, but it is an attorney’s job to inform the client in a timely manner if any issues were to come up so that the client can understand these issues and work with the attorney to resolve them if possible.

Additionally, the attorney can be in contact with any at-fault party or at-fault party’s insurance company in order to keep them aware of the client’s nature and extent of the injuries, as well as advise them as to the client’s position regarding any settlement.

Cost of Hiring an Attorney in College Park

There is no cost to retaining a lawyer for a traumatic brain injury here at Price Benowitz. The fees are handled on a contingency basis, which means that the attorneys are only paid if compensation is received for a client’s claim. If for any reason there is no compensation received then there are no attorney fees owed by the client.

Typically, a TBI attorney is constantly working on the case. The client may not understand the fact that the attorney is performing certain tasks such as evaluating their medical records, documenting medical treatments, or referring the records out to a physician for further and more in-depth review, but the attorney will be working on these things constantly.

Benefit of Attorney-Client Relationship

Attorney-client relationships in traumatic brain injury cases are much like relationships in many of other injury cases that we handle here at Price Benowitz. We work towards establishing a good and open relationship with the client. A strong and open attorney-client relationship is important in not only presenting the claims, but also in obtaining a fair and reasonable compensation for the clients. There may be something unknown to the attorney or unique about the individual claim that can only be known after having a thorough discussion with the client in order to fully understand their position and the specific issues of the case.

Questions to Ask a Lawyer

Clients often have questions about their case when they schedule an initial consultation with a lawyer. It is really up to the client how they wish to communicate with their attorney. The attorneys here at Price Benowitz are happy to speak with clients over the phone, in person, or communicate in writing through email or a letter.

The form of communication is really up to the client to the client and his or her preferences. Any questions that a client may have, whether they are presented in person, over telephone, or email, are returned by attorneys with a full explanation as to not only the answer to the question but the reasoning for that answer. A major factor in building a strong attorney-client relationship involves maintaining responsive communication between a lawyer and client.

College Park Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer