Mistakes to Avoid when Making an Anne Arundel County Workers’ Compensation Claim

Pursuing benefits under a workers’ compensation policy is a vital step in protecting a worker’s finances. The cash payments and reimbursement of medical bills can help a person maintain financial stability while making their recovery.

It is essential for individuals to understand what they need to prove to prevail in a claim for benefits. Similarly, claimants must recognize what mistakes to avoid when making an Anne Arundel County workers’ compensation claim. Making a mistake could limit an employee’s compensation package or lead to an outright denial of benefits.

Common Mistakes Made When Initiating a Claim in Anne Arundel County

 State law requires workers to notify their supervisor when an accident causes an injury that keeps them out of work. Specifically, Maryland Code, Labor and Employment §9-704 states that workers have ten days from the date of injury to provide this notice. A mistake may occur when a worker allows this time to expire. The law states that a failure to provide this notice may invalidate a claim for compensation.

Additionally, workers can make the mistake of not clearly identifying the cause of their injury. Claims are only valid if the injury is the result of an accidental personal injury or occupational disease that occurs as the result of a person doing their job. An inaccurate or unclear statement how the accident occurred could lead an insurance company to dispute or deny a claim.

What Mistakes to Avoid After the Claim is Already Underway

Merely starting a claim is insufficient to bring an injured worker the compensation that they need. Employees must be sure to follow up the claim with consistent medical treatment. It would be a mistake to avoid this treatment, as it is always free and helps workers make their best recovery while also documenting the progression of their symptoms.

This treatment is also an essential way that a doctor can provide their opinion as to the extent of the permanent effects on a worker’s life. A permanent loss of function in a body part can lead to gaining an award for workers’ compensation benefits  that provides payments for multiple weeks after a person returns to work. Not receiving proper medical care as recommended could lead to a doctor to be unable to make a fair assessment of the extent of an injured workers’ permanent problems and limitations and will therefore interfere with the worker’s ability to gain the benefits he needs and would otherwise deserve.

Finally, a crucial mistake in any claim may be returning to work before receiving a doctor’s clearance. Because of the state laws concerning waiting periods, an Anne Arundel County worker who returns to the job prematurely risks forfeiting cash benefits. Returning early could also lead an insurance company to doubt the severity of a condition.

State law prohibits employers from taking any adverse action against a worker who files a workers’ compensation claim workers’ compensation rights.

Avoiding these Mistakes when Making an Anne Arundel County Workers’ Compensation Claim Could Help to Solidify a Case

The law places an obligation on both workers and employers following a workplace injury. A lack of knowledge about those laws could lead employees to make mistakes in their claims that limit their payments or that result in an outright denial.

Employees must be sure to notify their employer of their injury as soon as possible. Under the law, workers must do this no more than ten days from the date of injury. It is also critical that workers attend all medical appointments. An attempt to work may limit the available benefits or give an insurance company a reason to deny coverage.

Contact an attorney today to learn more about which mistakes to avoid when making an Anne Arundel County workers’ compensation claim.