What to Do After a Work Accident in Anne Arundel County

Obtaining full benefits after a work accident in Anne Arundel County requires employees to follow a specific process. While it is true that the burden lies on an employer to provide insurance coverage, taking advantage of it is on the worker. The employee must take certain steps to fully reap the benefits of this coverage.

It is essential that employees inform their supervisor of the injury or illness as soon as possible. This provides the company with proper notice so they can inform the Workers’ Compensation Commission of the injury. Workers must also be sure to seek all necessary medical care to treat their injury. This helps them make a recovery as well as to document the extent of their disability.

Knowing what to do after a work accident in Anne Arundel County is critical to every workers’ comp case. By following these steps, employees can maximize their chances to receive full benefits.

Reporting the Injury to a Supervisor as Soon as Possible

At the most fundamental level, a workers’ compensation insurance plan can only provide benefits if the company knows about the injury. The insurance company can only learn about the injury if an employer notifies them. Therefore, it is crucial that an employee let their employer know an injury has taken place.

Specifically, Maryland Code, Labor and Employment §9-704 states that workers must inform their supervisor of an injury within ten days of that injury taking place. Workers may communicate this fact orally or in writing. If in writing, the letter must provide the name and address of the employee, a brief statement concerning the injury, and contain the worker’s signature.

Similarly, MD Code, L&E §9-705 says that when the workers’ comp claim centers around an occupational disease, an employee has up to one year following the discovery of the connection between the disease and their time on the job. A failure to meet either of these deadlines can prevent a worker from collecting benefits.

Seek Immediate and Continuing Medical Care in Anne Arundel County

One underrated benefit available to all employees under workers’ compensation law is the idea that a policy must provide payment for all necessary medical care due to the injury. This includes everything from the initial trip to an emergency room to surgery, medications, and rehabilitation services. While obtaining medical care is the best way for a worker to reach maximum medical improvement (MMI), it also helps prove the presence and extent of an injury.

A doctor who treats a workplace injury serves two functions. First, they provide medical care to a worker to help them reach MMI. Second, they can provide their opinion how that injury has affected the ability of that employee to work and how it will affect their career in the future. It benefits workers to seek comprehensive medical care from the time of the injury to when the doctor’s job is complete. This can help to convince an insurance company to issue a full benefits package.

Knowing What to Do After a Work Accident in Anne Arundel County is Vital to Receiving Proper Benefits

Workers’ compensation laws require both workers and employers to fulfill certain obligations under law. Workers must notify their supervisors about the injury no more than ten days from the date of injury. This allows employers to notify insurance companies and state agencies about the incident as mandated under the law. A failure to do this will prevent the worker from collecting any workers’ comp benefits.

It is also important that workers take advantage of the free medical care that a workers’ comp policy provides. This serves the dual function of allowing them to make their best recovery as well as documenting the effect of the injury or disease on their future ability to work. Knowing what to do after a work accident in Anne Arundel County can help to simplify the worker’s comp process and lead to a better long-term result.