Adelphi Personal Injury Lawyer

You do your best to act reasonably and stay aware of your surroundings wherever you go—but unfortunately, that attentiveness is not always enough to keep you safe from the negligent actions of other people. If you got in an accident recently because someone else acted irresponsibly, you may now be dealing with financial, personal, and professional losses that could severely inhibit your plans for the future.

In this kind of scenario, assistance from a knowledgeable Adelphi personal injury lawyer could be absolutely essential to protecting and preserving your future prospects. A seasoned attorney who has helped people in similar situations seek positive outcomes to their cases could be a crucial ally to have on your side as you fight for the compensation you deserve from the person or entity who wronged you.

Proving Someone Else at Fault for a Personal Injury

The legal concept at the heart of virtually every personal injury claim in Maryland is “negligence”—in other words, the idea that someone can and should bear responsibility for the consequences of their actions even if those actions were not intended to cause harm. Under civil law, a person is “legally negligent” if they meet all the following criteria:

  • They owed at least one other person a “duty” to act reasonably and safely under the circumstances
  • They did something reckless or careless that served as a “breach” of that responsibility
  • Their “breach of duty” directly led to an accident involving a person they owed that duty to
  • That other person—the plaintiff filing suit against them—sustained physical injury leading to compensable losses as a direct consequence of the accident

However, claimants in Maryland must also be able to prove that they bear none of the blame for their own injuries if they want to recover civil compensation. This is because state civil courts still adhere to a “pure contributory negligence” system that prohibits recovery by any plaintiff found at all responsible—even one percent—for their own personal injury. Assistance from a qualified Adelphi personal injury attorney could be crucial to building a successful claim in both these regards.

What Damages Could Be Recoverable?

The legislative priority behind personal injury law is to allow people who get hurt through negligence to seek financial restitution for specific losses they can trace back to that negligence. Fortunately, so long as a civil plaintiff can prove they sustained at least one physical injury that necessitated medical care, they could then demand compensation for both economic and non-economic consequences of that injury, as well as both past damages that have already occurred and future damages that will likely occur in the years to come.

A dedicated personal injury lawyer in Adelphi could work on an injured party’s behalf to recover for, among other potential damages:

  • All medical expenses, including those for future rehabilitative care
  • Repairs and/or replacements for damaged property
  • Lost work income
  • Lost future earning capacity
  • Physical and emotional discomfort, including psychological trauma like PTSD symptoms
  • Lost personal opportunities and/or enjoyment of life

Speak with an Adelphi Personal Injury Attorney Today

Going to the trouble of filing a suit for negligence can understandably seem like a big step to take, especially if it seems you will recover completely from the physical impact of an ensuing personal injury. However, the financial and personal repercussions of an accident can persist much longer and have a significant impact on your life, and you should not have to bear those costs if you were not at all responsible for the accident that caused them.

A knowledgeable Adelphi personal injury lawyer could seek the best possible outcome for your unique situation on your behalf. Learn more by calling today.