Montgomery County Criminal Lawyer

It is never an easy experience to face a criminal accusation. Just getting arrested and having to appear in court can be enough to throw a person’s life into chaos. A conviction for even a misdemeanor level offense in Montgomery County will result in the creation of a criminal record and may result in a jail term. More serious felonies will follow a defendant for the rest of their lives and may require a significant prison sentence.

It is vital that any person facing a criminal charge in MoCo take aggressive steps to protect themselves. This may include hiring a Montgomery County criminal lawyer. A seasoned defense attorney could help to advise you of your rights, to develop a strategy to defeat the prosecutor’s case, and to present evidence in your defense at trial.

Classes of Criminal Offenses

The criminal laws in Maryland separate criminal offenses into two main categories. Misdemeanors are the less harsh of the two. Every charge under Maryland’s Criminal Law carries its own potential punishment, but in general, the maximum penalty for a misdemeanor offense is one year in jail, the payment of a fine, or both. Common examples of misdemeanor-level crimes are:

The District Courts have the jurisdiction to hear cases alleging misdemeanor-level offenses. The more serious criminal allegations, known as felonies, are handled in Circuit Courts.

Felonies are generally allegations that a person has caused severe bodily injury to another or has participated in an activity that seriously threatens the public peace. A felony is punished by at least one year in prison, and the most severe offenses could result in a life sentence upon conviction. Examples of felonies include aggravated assaults, certain sex crimes, dealing drugs, and any offense committed with the aid of a firearm. A Montgomery County criminal lawyer could help regardless of the level of offense faced by an individual.

How an Attorney May be Able to Provide Help

All criminal defendants who face the possibility of jail time following a conviction have the right to representation. While public defenders are certainly qualified and dedicated professionals, the number of cases that they are required to take on limits their ability to provide maximum effort for every person.

Many criminal cases are very complex. An effective defense could require an attorney to visit the scene of the alleged crime. An attorney may also need to track down witnesses, to contest scientific evidence presented by the prosecutor, and even to hire their own expert to protect the defendant.

All the while, a lawyer could be working to protect your rights in court hearing ranging from bail sessions, to pre-trial motions to argue points of law, to presenting defenses designed to convince juries that there is reasonable doubt in the prosecutor’s case. A criminal defense lawyer in MoCo could dedicate the time and resources necessary to fight for your freedom.

A Montgomery County Criminal Attorney Could Stand Up for You

Facing any allegation of a criminal offense is a stressful and disheartening experience. Even if a court allows you to await the charges at home, the mere accusation of a crime could damage your family life, force you to move out of a home, or even to lose your job. It is essential that you take steps to protect yourself as quickly as possible.

Working with a Montgomery County criminal lawyer could provide essential protection. They could work to conduct their own investigation into the incident, to discover weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case, and to develop a defense strategy to fit your needs and achieve your goals. Contact a lawyer today to schedule a consultation to protect your future.

Montgomery County Criminal Lawyer