Maryland Workers’ Compensation Application Requirements

As an employee, you expect that your work environment is safe, but that is not always the case. Injuries on the job happen, and that is where a skilled workers’ compensation attorney can help. Your lawyer could help you pursue the benefits that you deserve, by assuring that your application meets the Maryland workers’ compensation application requirements. Consult a lawyer today and know that you are in capable hands.

Filling Out the First Notice of Injury

One of the Maryland workers’ compensation application requirements is that a person files the first notice of injury and the notice of the claim form with the Workers’ Compensation Commission. The claimant needs to fill out and file an Employee Claim Form. In order to fill out a claim an individual will need:

  • Biographical information
  • Wage information
  • Employer information
  • Hospital information
  • Doctor information
  • Facts of incident, last day worked, etc


Steps in Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim

As mentioned before, one of the first Maryland workers’ compensation application requirements is filing the first notice of injury. Once the first report of injury happens and the claimant files an Employee Form with the Workers’ Compensation Commission, the process begins. The insurance company for the employer will start issuing payments for their temporary total disability benefits and also making payments towards their medical costs.

What Makes Applying for Workers’ Compensation in Maryland Difficult

The difficult aspect of applying for workers’ compensation is that there is a complete and different language to it . It is important to understand that language, as well as understanding the Maryland workers’ compensation application requirements.

A person needs to understand how they calculate their average weekly wage and how they might be considered temporarily totally disabled or just partially disabled. They also have to understand that there are some doctors who do not understand the language either and we can recommend doctors who are accustomed to dealing with work-related injuries.

There are a lot of forms, a lot of notices are going to be coming out from the Workers’ Compensation Commission, and it can be overwhelming when a person is trying to get well from a work injury and they want to get back to work so that they can pay their bills. Additionally, it is adversarial in nature and the employer/insurer is not out to help the employee/claimant.

Benefits in Workers’ Compensation Claims

Benefits covered by workers’ compensation in Maryland include Temporary Total Disability payments or medical benefits and potential compensation for a permanency, on the job training, retraining, vocational rehabilitation, and similar things. A person must suffer an accidental injury in the course and scope of their employment.

If it does not arise out of the course and scope of their employment, a worker is not entitled to compensation benefits. are not entitled. A claimant can have worker’s compensation benefits for a lifetime, meaning their medical expenses and their lost wages stay open for life as long as they are related to the work injury.

How is Workers’ Compensation Related to the Amount of Money a Person Makes?

Temporary total benefits are based on the claimant’s average weekly wage. The average weekly wage is calculated by looking at the last 13 weeks of their compensation and there is a cap amount that they are entitled that is set forth in the Worker’s Compensation Act in the Maryland annotated code. The claimant is entitled to two-thirds of their average weekly wage

Value of a Maryland Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

An attorney could fill out the necessary forms and do the paperwork for them so they do not have to worry about it. Lawyers have the authority to do that for plaintiffs and then help them process their claim and if there is a necessity for a hearing before the Workers’ Compensation Commission, an attorney could represent the claimant. If an individual wants to know more about Maryland workers’ compensation application requirements and how to ensure that their application meets those requirements, they should consult a skilled lawyer today.

Applying for Workers’ Compensation in Maryland