Required Information When Applying for Workers’ Compensation in Maryland

Missing the required information when applying for workers’ compensation in Maryland could result in a denial of coverage by insurance adjusters. Do not let this happen. Choose to work with an attorney who could help you file and see that your injuries are covered through the workers’ compensation system.

Requirements for Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Maryland

A person only needs to fill out the form and it does not cost anything. To have a workers’ compensation claim, the person must be injured while on the job or connected to the job.

Specific Filing Forms

The Employee Claim Form C-1 Online is available on the Commission’s website. The Commission prefers it be done electronically, so the individual should go to the website to complete and submit the form.

Required Information When Filing

The person needs to have their own name, address, and contact information. They need to have their employer’s correct name, address, and phone number. The claim form asks for many things that the person does not have to answer.

Not everything is vital, but they also want to give them their average weekly wage. They need to tell the Commission how much money per week they were making before the accident. Nobody ever thinks of their earnings before taxes per week because they think of their bi-weekly take-home pay.

The individual explains how the injury happened and states whether it is an accidental injury or an occupational disease. The form asks if the individual was in a hospital and, if so, what hospital. They ask for the name of the treating doctor. The individual can get by without answering that, but that is all part of the claim form. The person also needs to sign a medical release to file the claim if it is online. If it is not done online but is done on paper, the medical release is on the back side and is required.

How Could an Attorney Help with Filing?

A Maryland workers’ compensation lawyer could help ease the process for their injured worker by helping with the process. Attorneys often educate workers so they understand the system. Once they understand, they are likely to be less angry and are less likely to see it as a conspiracy.

Resources Available to Attorneys

Many attorneys who deal with workers’ compensation claims have doctors at the ready. When someone is hurt on the job, they need to see a doctor regardless of whether they have health insurance. Their employer may refuse to cover the injury and they are fighting it or are still investigating it and they have not decided what they are doing. The person may not be able to find any doctor who is willing to take a Maryland workers’ compensation case without a guarantee of payment.

There are some cases and injuries that require a certain specialized skill set by medical professionals that even the more practiced attorneys have a hard time finding medial professionals. Often, experienced attorneys fall back to a list of orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, physical therapists, and other providers and primary care doctors who could treat an injured worker who does not have insurance, whose claim has not been accepted yet, and regardless of whether that treatment is going to be authorized by an insurance company.

Doctors then treat the person while the attorney works to cover the expenses through the workers’ compensation claim.

Frequently, after a worker is injured, they are taken to a hospital. The hospital doctors do not want to deal with workers’ compensation. Very often in their report, they talk about the problems, but they do not care how the incident happened and they do not mention it was something that took place at work. This could complicate matters when injured workers have their claims reviewed by the insurance providers at work.

Ensure You Have the Required Information when Applying for Workers’ Compensation in Maryland with an Attorney’s Help

Required information when applying for workers’ compensation in Maryland is non-negotiable. Injured workers must, in detail, provide insurance adjusters no opportunity to deny a claim and deny you your benefits. Instead of chancing a denial and paying out-of-pocket to address your injury, speak with a compassionate workers’ compensation attorney who could help you apply without error.

Applying for Workers’ Compensation in Maryland