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When we hire someone to take care of our loved ones in their final years, we expect that they will be well cared for so that they can live comfortably. Unfortunately, this is not always what happens, and you will find cases of nursing home abuse or neglect, causing harm to those we love. If you suspect that the nursing home where you placed your loved one has abused or neglected them, call a New Carrollton nursing home abuse lawyer to set up your consultation, and find out what your options are.

In Prince George’s County, there are dozens of nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospices, and home health care agencies that can care for your loved one. Most of these places offer high-quality care, but once in a while there will be issues that can cause profound effects on your loved one’s quality of life. Call a personal injury attorney with our firm today to learn more about your legal options.

Types of Nursing Home Abuse Cases

Nursing home abuse cases can involve more than actual nursing homes.  Any place that cares for an elderly loved one could be subject to a nursing home abuse case if they did something to cause harm. This means that even places like assisted-living centers, where the residents are usually more independent, or home health care agencies, through which aides or nurses care for your loved one in their home, may be liable if they do something injurious.

There are a few types of cases that may warrant assistance from a New Carrollton nursing home abuse attorney, including:

Abuse – This would be actual physical, mental, or even sexual abuse by staff in a long-term care facility. These are the most common types of cases where staff may attack patients under their care, causing lasting physical or mental injury.

Neglect – These types of cases involve the patient not being properly cared for, to such an extent where they are injured, such as a patient developing bedsores or skin infections caused by lack of proper cleaning, malnutrition due to not being fed properly, or extreme lack of cleanliness.

Medical Malpractice – These types of nursing home injuries can involve medical mistakes such, as giving the wrong type of drug or the wrong dose, failing to recognize a health problem such as a blood sugar issue or a stroke, other injuries that take place as a result of medical care, or absence of proper procedures to take care of dementia patients, causing them to injure themselves.

How Can You Tell Whether Your Loved One Is Being Abused?

Telling whether an aging loved one may be the victim of nursing home abuse or neglect may not always be that simple, especially if the facility attempts to hide evidence of that abuse and neglect. There are some signs that you should be able to see when it comes to the physical and mental condition of your loved one, that will help you see whether there is a possibility of abuse. Some clues include:

  • Behavioral problems, such as depression, confusion, and anger
  • Physical signs, such as bruises, sores, bad hygiene, dehydration, malnutrition, or other strange physical symptoms
  • Other issues, such as being isolated from loved ones

If your loved one is showing any of these signs, it could be a sign that they are the victim of abuse, and you should get them help immediately and contact a New Carrollton nursing home abuse lawyer as soon as possible.

Call a New Carrollton Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Today

When your elder loved one is the victim of abuse and neglect, don’t wait to get them the help they need and to make sure that they have proper representation. Chances are that if there is a problem with your loved one, there will be problems in general when it comes to that facility. Some cases involving nursing home abuse can also be complex, especially when it comes to an older person’s word against that of a nursing home. Your loved one deserves protection and professional legal representation. Set up a consultation with a New Carrollton nursing home abuse lawyer today.

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