Bowie Truck Accident Lawyer

Any collision between motor vehicles can result in serious injuries and substantial property damage regardless of what vehicles are involved in the incident. That being said, crashes involving commercial trucks or tractor-trailers tend to cause significantly greater losses than wrecks between commuter cars, especially when they occur at highway speeds and/or when multiple vehicles get caught in a massive pileup.

Negligence by a truck driver, trucking company, or another third party could give rise to civil litigation following this kind of accident, and assistance from a Bowie truck accident lawyer could give you much better odds of a successful outcome to such a claim. Once retained, your capable personal injury attorney could work diligently to establish fault for the crash that injured you, catalog and valuate your ensuing losses, and demand fair financial restitution on your behalf.

What Makes Truck Accidents So Uniquely Dangerous?

Even compared to the largest commuter vehicles on the road, tractor-trailer cabs alone are heavier and larger than just about every other car and truck by a substantial degree. When hooked up to a fully loaded trailer, semi-trucks can legally weigh up to 80,000 pounds under federal law and stretch over 70 feet in length.

In practice, this means that when a commercial truck collides with a commuter car, the smaller vehicle is virtually always totaled and very often crushed beyond the capacity of even modern safety systems to overcome, resulting in life-altering harm to drivers and passengers inside those smaller vehicles. Truck wreck victims are often fortunate if they sustain comparatively short-term injuries like soft tissue injuries and broken bones that may take several months to completely heal.

Less fortunate individuals, on the other hand, may sustain permanent damage to their head, neck, spine, limbs, and/or internal organs, sometimes with ultimately fatal consequences. Accordingly, effective civil recovery following this kind of incident must take a long-term view of recoverable damages, and plaintiffs must estimate the value of future losses as well as the value of subjective forms of harm like physical pain and lost enjoyment of life. An experienced Bowie truck accident attorney could provide irreplaceable assistance in identifying, valuating, and demanding compensation for losses in a situation like this.

How State Laws and Legal Precedent Could Prevent Recovery

Another crucial role that seasoned legal counsel could play in truck accident litigation involves contesting allegations of partial or primary fault made against an injured plaintiff by the party or parties allegedly responsible for their injuries. This is especially important in Maryland because of the “pure contributory negligence” system that state courts follow, which forbids financial recovery by anyone found liable to any degree for their own personal injuries and subsequent damages.

It is also worth noting that Maryland Code, Courts & Judicial Proceedings §11-108 caps recovery for non-economic damages in personal injury cases filed after October 1, 2020—including those seeking restitution for life-changing truck wreck injuries—at $890,000. A knowledgeable truck wreck lawyer in Bowie could explain these rules in more detail and go over potential strategies for overcoming them during civil litigation.

A Bowie Truck Accident Attorney Could Help

Regardless of how your personal injuries occurred or who is responsible for causing them, you may have trouble achieving a positive case resolution if you proceed with your claim without professional legal representation. This especially applies to truck accident litigation, given the sustained opposition you will likely face from potentially liable trucking companies and their—or potentially your own—insurance providers.

Discussing your options with a Bowie truck accident lawyer could give you a clear idea of what to do next after a serious wreck and how you could best protect your legal rights and interests. Learn more by calling today.