What to Do After a Bicycle Accident in Maryland 

Riding a bicycle is a convenient option for inexpensive transportation within Maryland, and the use of bicycles is steadily growing over the years. Obviously, bicycling allows you to get some fresh air and exercise too.

Despite all safety precautions you may take, at the time you take off to the streets there is always a chance an accident occurs while you are riding. A skilled bike attorney can advise you on what to do after a bicycle accident in Maryland.

Seeking Medical Attention

If someone suffers a modest or serious injury, it is extremely important that they obtain immediate medical attention. Their health should be the top priority, and it is not prudent to simply try to brush it off.

Also, insurance companies are less likely to pay someone for damages if they delay seeking medical treatment. If someone is hurt badly, they should go to the hospital immediately.

Calling the Police

For those bicyclists that have to go to the hospital, typically, the police will obtain they statement while they are at the hospital.

If there is no need for the hospital, they still should telephone the police. The police officer will document what happened factually and will contain their view of the facts within a report.

The police report serves as valuable evidence for they case. Be sure to obtain the police officer’s name and badge number, as well.

Gathering Evidence

Make sure to obtain the contact information for any persons that may have witnessed the unfolding of events of the accident. Without the eyewitnesses to the accident available, the case becomes a “he said, she said” situation. An independent witness can validate a plaintiff’s account of the accident.

An individual can use the phone’s camera to take pictures at the scene of the accident. They should photograph the extent of their injuries, and remember to take pictures displaying the damages to their bike.

When someone experiences a bicycle accident they should keep their damaged bicycle. The person should hold on to the torn clothing they were wearing. If someone chooses to proceed with a trial, these items may be useful.

Exchanging Information and Dealing With Insurance

After someone has been in a bicycle accident in Maryland, additional matters to be concerned about include obtaining the driver’s personal information. For example, a person should try to procure their address, phone number, insurance information, license plate number, and auto make and model.

Refrain from talking with insurance companies. Someone should always leave all communications with insurance companies to legal counsel.

Contacting a Maryland Bicycle Accident Attorney Today

There is a trend towards safety improvements for bicyclists. Recently, bicyclists have been more apt to wearing helmets, taking safer routes and trails for bicycles, wear reflective gear. Still, the numbers of bicycle accidents are continually increasing.

A skilled bicycle lawyer can advise you on what to do after a bicycle accident in Maryland. The attorney’s experience in personal injury cases means that insurance companies will take you and your lawyer seriously too.

Contact a diligent a lawyer who can make an effort to obtain the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to.