How an Attorney Can Help with a Bethesda Bike Accident Case

When contacting an attorney about a bike accident in Bethesda, there are certain things a person should keep in mind. It is most helpful if they can provide a full description of how the accident occurred. In Bethesda, a bicycle is deemed to be a vehicle just like a motor vehicle, such as a car, truck, or SUV. Therefore, the operator of a bicycle is required to conform to the rules of the road. Bicycle accidents like pedestrian accidents often give rise to the defense of contributory negligence.

Consultations with an Attorney

Typically, a consultation for a Bethesda bicycle accident will take a long time  in order to fully evaluate not only how the accident occurred, but also the nature and extent of the injuries and the prognosis for the injured person moving forward.

Everyone should bring as much information as possible regarding how the accident occurred to consultations with an attorney. Throughout the course of the investigation, it is critical to obtain as much information as possible.

Building a Case

The most important thing in terms of advancing a bicycle case is having a complete and full understanding concerning where the accident occurred, where the bicycle was located in conjunction with the motor vehicle, and exactly how the collision occurred. This information is critical in rebutting any liability defenses that may be asserted by the at-fault party’s insurance company.

Some important aspects of handling a bike accident case really depend upon the facts and circumstances of that individual case. Each case is unique and different, and because we, here at Price Benowitz, have handled bicycle injury cases in the past, we have a good understanding of what to look for, what issues need to be fully fleshed out, and what issues the injured person needs to be aware of as their claim progresses.

Role of an Attorney

An attorney should always strive to provide their clients with peace of mind. The attorney will be in constant contact with the at-fault party’s insurance company in order to investigate whether or not some resolution of the claim can be obtained short of litigation. How a client obtains peace of mind is really up to that individual client. The attorney will try to keep their clients informed of the claim process and where things stand throughout the claim. This constant interaction with their clients usually provides the clients with peace of mind because they know that their attorney is handling their claim, their claim is being advanced to the fullest extent possible, and the lawyer is working towards obtaining the best results possible.

Working With Price Benowitz

When a person becomes a client of Price Benowitz, we work continuously to advance his or her claim. This is done in any number of ways through the investigation of how the accident occurred, speaking with or discovering any potential witnesses to the accident, and evaluating whether the witnesses would be helpful or detrimental to our client’s claim. This information is made available to the client in the strictest of confidence, so that the client can evaluate this information in terms of how best to proceed with his or her claim. Also, we constantly collect the pertinent medical records, which correspond to the injuries sustained in the motor vehicle collision. These medical records will be collected, reviewed, and ultimately presented to the at-fault party’s insurance company, in the most positive light, are necessary to obtain a favorable resolution of the claim. From the day the claim is opened within our office, we work towards a resolution that looks out for the client’s best interests.

Bethesda Bike Accident Lawyer