Baltimore Birth Injury Lawyer

Each year, countless children and their parents are affected by birth injuries. Many of these injuries could be painful, and parents of injured children may be forced to watch helplessly as their newborns and toddlers are subjected to invasive medical procedures and tests to treat the injury. This could be emotionally devastating, and if you believe your child sustained a birth injury that was preventable or caused by irresponsible medical professionals, you may have grounds for a lawsuit.

With the help of a Baltimore birth injury lawyer, you could hold the medical professional, device manufacturer, or hospital responsible for the injuries sustained by your newborn. Contact a compassionate malpractice attorney to learn your options.

When Should Parents Contact a Birth Injury Lawyer?

While there are many types of birth injuries, they may all have the ability to leave a lasting physical and emotional impact on the children who suffer from them and their parents. Some injuries require lifelong medical care, while others could be remedied with just a few visits to the hospital.

No matter the type of injury a child suffers from, their parents may be able to receive compensation if they can prove the injury was caused by negligence or incompetence. A birth injury attorney in Baltimore may be able to take on cases which may involve the following types of birth injuries:

  • Shoulder dystocia
  • Anoxia and hypoxia
  • Facial paralysis
  • Perinatal asphyxia
  • Cephalohematoma

Many of these injuries could be prevented or properly treated by the vast majority of medical professionals. If they are not, they may threaten the life of both the child and mother during birth. Individuals are recommended to speak to an attorney if they believe a medical professional caused harm to their child.

The Role of Medical Professionals and Facilities

The idea of taking legal action against a medical professional or facility could be overwhelming to most parents. While this is understandable, medical professionals and facilities have an obligation to their patients to provide exceptional care. This means they should provide the best treatments possible and do everything they can to identify potential birth complications before they threaten the life of a mother and her child. After the child is born, these same professionals and facilities also have an obligation to ensure there are no postnatal complications and the mother and child are monitored carefully. If a hospital, medical facility, or medical professional fails to take the previously mentioned measures, they could be held accountable if a mother or her child is injured during or after birth.

Injuries Caused by Defective Products and Dangerous Drugs

Some birth injuries cannot be blamed on doctors and medical facilities. These are often the result of defective medical products or medications. When this occurs, parents may still be able to take legal action against the makers of these products and medications. Before products and medications could be released to consumers, they are required to undergo extensive scrutiny and tests to ensure they are safe.

Many manufacturers forgo testing and inspection to save money or to place a product on the market before it is safe. These manufacturers often place the life of patients and consumers at risk, and if someone is injured by their product or medicine, they should not be able to avoid responsibility. A Baltimore attorney could potentially help pursue birth injury claims against these manufacturers.

Call an Experienced Baltimore Birth Injury Attorney

No child should ever endure a birth injury at the hands of a negligent medical practitioner or facility. Birth injuries have the ability to prevent a child from enjoying their first years of life, and if your child has been injured, you may have a wealth of legal options at your disposal. Call an experienced Baltimore birth injury lawyer today to discuss your case.