Types of Anne Arundel Premises Liability Cases

In Anne Arundel, premises liability cases commonly occur in grocery stores, businesses, and parking lots. The most frequent types of Anne Arundel premises liability cases are slip and falls which occur at businesses. Usually, a premises liability lawyer will handle all cases of injuries on the property, including situations in which the property owner did not clear snow and ice properly and people were injured, or in cases of drowning. 

If an injured person knows that the owner knew about the hazard that caused their injury, then they have a strong premise liability case. If you have been injured while on someone else’s property, speak with a capable premises liability attorney that could help you file a claim.

Determining Liability

Liability is determined in premises liability cases based on whether or not the owner of the property actually knew of the defect. They have to have known of the danger or it must be shown that they should have known of the danger. If there is a leaking freezer at a grocery store and the owner knew and did nothing about it, meaning they did not put a wet floor or caution sign out, they can be considered liable for injuries that occur due to that leakage. Factors that can qualify the severity of a premises liability case include the actual injury, the injured person’s status on the property, and the defect that caused the injury on the property.

How Different Premises Liability Cases are Handled

Different types of Anne Arundel premises liability cases are handled differently depending on the injured person’s status on the property. If they are just a social guest, there is a different standard of care. If they are a business invitee, the landlord and/or the possessor of the property owes a higher duty to that person to ensure that they are safe because they are inviting them onto the property for a business purpose. 

Bare licensees are owed a different standard of care as well. Examples of bare licensees include a person in an apartment building as a guest of the tenant and not the owner, firefighters, and police officers. If a person is a trespasser who is not supposed to be on the premises at all or is using the property in a manner exceeding their invitation, they are owed minimal standard of care. All of these factors determine how a case is handled.

Impact a Visitor’s Legal Status Has on a Case

The legal status of a visitor to a property is used to determine what type of standard of care the landlord and/or property owner owes to that person. A business invitee is owed a higher standard of care to ensure that the premises are free from hazards and/or defects than someone who is trespassing on the property.

Value of an Anne Arundel Premises Liability Attorney

A premises liability attorney could help a person injured due to the negligent care of another’s property by conducting an investigation into the property. Most people do not understand the nuances involved in a premises liability case. There are a lot of people who are responsible for a property, including the management company, the owner, the landlord, the tenant, etc. A person would have to collect all of the contracts between everybody who is involved in managing and owning that property to determine who was responsible for the care of the property, and an attorney can help with this. An experienced lawyer may understand the nuances of all the types of Anne Arundel premises liability cases and could leverage their knowledge to file a solid claim for an individual.

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