Annapolis Dangerous Products Lawyer

Have you experienced an injury or damage to property as a result of a dangerous consumer product? Whether you or a loved one were hurt after consuming a food, ingesting a health product or using a defective device, you can benefit from the advice of a seasoned Annapolis dangerous products lawyer to guide you through the legal process and receive financial compensation for your suffering through a personal injury claim.

What is a Dangerous Product?

A dangerous product is any object, substance or device that poses a risk to the consumer either because it was manufactured wrong or did not properly notify consumers of possible risks. This definition could include any number of items, from a toddler toy with small parts and no age and risk warnings, to an improperly installed vehicle airbag. Reasons why a product might be considered “dangerous” and an Annapolis dangerous products lawyer necessary are numerous and could include:

  • The item was manufactured incorrectly
  • There was a defect in the item’s design
  • The company failed to notify consumers of the possible risks of use

Perhaps the original design of the product was safe for consumers, but the manufacturing plant did not produce the item to code. In this case, the dangerous product would be considered to have a manufacturing defect. On occasion, the manufacturing plant may have created a product in line with the original design, but the product is still dangerous. In this case, the company’s design is at fault for the unreasonably dangerous product on the market. If the manufacturing company does not fully inform consumers about the risks associated with using a product, inadequate warnings are the root cause of the dangerous product. Our dangerous products lawyer can help you determine the nature of your claim.

Proving That Something is a  “Dangerous Product”

To prove liability on the part of the company within the context of a dangerous products lawsuit, your Annapolis dangerous products lawyer can attempt to prove one of the following:

  • Negligence
  • Breach of warranty
  • Strict liability

A negligence case involves proving the manufacturing company did not take appropriate action to produce a product free of defects or malfunction for consumers, as required by law, whether on purpose or by accident. A breach of warranty case can be proven through establishing that the manufacturing company made specific claims about their product, but the product did not follow through on those statements. A strict liability case holds the manufacturer at fault for all injuries resulting from the use of the product by establishing the following:

  • The product was in the dangerous condition at the time that it was possessed by the seller.
  • The product was unreasonably dangerous.
  • That the product’s defect caused the injury.
  • That no significant changes to the product occurred from the time it reached the consumer.

An Annapolis dangerous products attorney with experience dealing in dangerous products litigation will be able to provide legal advice on whether you have a legitimate dangerous products claim.

Hiring an Annapolis Dangerous Products Lawyer

Due to the three year statute of limitations, time is of the essence when considering filing damages caused by dangerous products. Your Annapolis dangerous products attorney requires adequate time for preparation of a winning case and must file the claim before the three year window runs out. By stating your claims in a thorough, researched case with the help of an Annapolis dangerous products lawyer, you are protecting your personal rights and helping to prevent possible harm of others. The company responsible for the damage should be held accountable, and the dangerous product suspended from the market. This can be accomplished when injured parties like yourself reach out to a local Annapolis dangerous products attorney and build a successful case together.