Workers’ Compensation Settlements in Glen Burnie

The workers’ compensation system in Glen Burnie is designed to be “no-fault.” This means insurance companies should pay benefits on these claims no matter who is responsible for a workplace injury, so long as the injury is sustained within the scope of employment.

The reality is that securing workers’ compensation settlements in Glen Burnie is rarely a simple process. Insurance companies will frequently find any reason to deny these claims despite the “no-fault” rules.

Types of Worker’s Compensation Benefits

For people in Glen Burnie, workers’ compensation settlements boil down to two types of benefits: disability and medical.

Disability Benefits

There are different types of disability benefits, covering everything from temporary partial injuries to permanent total disabilities. What these workers’ compensation benefits have in common is that they are designed to at least partially supplement the income of an employee who cannot work due to their injuries.

Medical Benefits

Workers’ compensation claims also pay for an injured employee’s medical treatments. This could cover everything from hospital bills to physical therapy. The benefits will also cover the cost of transportation to and from the doctor.

Factors to Consider Prior to Settling

When considering a settlement, there are many factors an injured worker should take into account. A workers’ compensation settlement attorney in Glen Burnie can help an individual navigate this process.

Benefits Received

One important factor is the amount of benefits a worker has already received. Where the injured worker is in the recovery process, how much disability benefits have already been paid, and the nature of the medical treatment received and expected, can all affect settlement negotiations.

Degree of Disability

Another consideration is the ability to return to work. Workers who are permanently totally disabled will require benefits for the rest of their life, while individuals expecting a full recovery may not anticipate the need for as much financial support. Workers facing permanent partial disability should also weigh the need for future vocational rehabilitation when reviewing settlement offers.

Strength of the Case

The strength of the case and whether or not the insurance company is contesting the claim are also important. There is a risk analysis every worker must make when determining if refusing a settlement could result in missing out on benefits entirely.

Third-Party Claims

It is also helpful to contemplate the possibility of third-party claims. Sometimes workplace injuries could partially be the fault of a third party, like a bystander or a vendor. In addition to workers’ compensation benefits, an employee might also have the right to pursue a civil lawsuit against these individuals. This potential lawsuit could provide offset benefits not included in a workers’ compensation settlement.

Full and Final Settlements

Just like with personal injury lawsuits, a workers’ compensation settlement is considered full and final. This means that an injured worker that resolves their claim will not have a second opportunity to secure benefits. Once the settlement is completed, there will be no opportunity to come back and seek additional benefits from the insurance provider. This reality makes it important for a worker to ensure their negotiated settlement is adequate. The failure to do so could leave a worker in a position where their settlement will not adequately replace their wages or cover their medical expenses after a workplace injury. A motivated lawyer in Glen Burnie can ensure any contemplated workers’ compensation settlement weighs these factors.

Discuss Workers’ Comp Settlement Options with an Attorney

The workers’ comp settlement process requires you to make many considerations. If the insurance company has made a settlement offer in your case, it is vital that you discuss your options with a knowledgeable lawyer before accepting.

Remember, once you accept a settlement offer, you can never go back to the insurance company for more money. Call today to get started on your workers’ compensation settlement in Glen Burnie.