Glen Burnie Permanent Disability Workers’ Compensation Claims

Work related injuries can run the gamut from minor to significant, with some resulting in permanent disability rendering a worker incapable of resuming employment. This last kind of work injury is the most complex. Talk to an attorney about your Glen Burnie workers’ compensation claims to understand the nuances of these claims.

Permanent Total Disability

A worker suffers a permanent total disability when their injuries bar them from performing any type of work whatsoever. This means even jobs with minimum physical requirements are too burdensome for the injured worker. There are different ways in which an injured worker can be found to have suffered a permanent total disability. Some injuries are severe enough to qualify for permanent total disability on their own. Examples include, a worker who suffers a spinal fracture or loses a series of organs or body parts. For example, an injury that leaves a worker without the use of a hand and a foot could be presumed to have a permanent total disability. A knowledgeable attorney in Glen Burnie could help ensure permanent disabilities injuries are appropriately rated during the workers’ compensation claims process.

Workers’ Comp for Permanent Partial Disability in Glen Burnie

Some injuries can last a lifetime without entirely preventing an individual from maintaining employment. These are referred to as permanent partial disability benefits. Permanent partial disability benefits compensate the injured worker for injuries that are “partial in character and permanent in quality”. The amount of compensation is set by the injured workers average weekly wage at the time of injury, and the level of lost functioning they have suffered in the injured body part(s). An attorney in Glen Burnie experienced in workers’ compensation claims for permanent disability can help assist injured workers in maximizing this number.

Recovering Medical Expenses for a Disability

Medical benefits are available for any work-related injury occurring within the course of a worker’s employment. For that reason, a worker with a work related injury is also eligible for benefits that cover their medical expenses. These benefits can be used for the cost of hospital visits, follow-up medical care, and physical therapy. They could last a lifetime for certain permanently disabled workers.

Contact an Attorney about a Glen Burnie Permanent Disability Workers’ Comp Claim

Dealing with a life-changing injury is hard enough on its own. These challenges are only amplified in cases where you are unable to secure employment due to your condition. A trusted attorney can assist with your Glen Burnie disability Workers Compensation claim.