Glen Burnie Repetitive Motion Injury Lawyer

While many workplace injuries result from sudden accidents, over time repetitive motions can wear down muscles and joints resulting in similarly devastating work injuries. If you are worker living with work-related repetitive stress injuries, you might be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney could help you understand what your potential claim and its outcome. Let a dedicated Glen Burnie repetitive motion injury lawyer assist you in pursuing the benefits you deserve.

Understanding Repetitive Motion Injuries

Repetitive motion injuries—frequently known as repetitive stress injuries—involve damage to muscles, tendons, or nerves resulting from performing the same motion again and again. The motions that cause these injuries are not typically harmful in small amounts. However, performing the same motion constantly for months or years at a time can wear down the affected body part. Repetitive stress injuries can happen at virtually any workplace. This condition is common among everyone from factory workers to office employees. These injuries may involve wrists, arms, shoulders, or necks. These injured workers are entitled to compensation, which may include wage replacement and/or medical treatment. A repetitive motion injury attorney in Glen Burnie can assist in pursuing these benefits.

Disability Benefits for Repetitive Stress Injury Claims in Glen Burnie

Workers suffering from work-related repetitive motion injuries could be entitled to disability benefits through the state workers’ compensation system. Disability benefits exist to replace a worker’s lost wages during their recovery. The disability benefits that can come with a repetitive motion injury claim come in four different categories.

Temporary Total

Temporary total disability benefits are necessary when a worker is completely unable to work on a temporary basis. These benefits are primarily for disabilities that last up to 14 days. During the recovery period, the worker must not be able to perform any work whatsoever.

Temporary Partial

Temporary partial benefits cover a worker that is not only injured temporarily but also retains some ability to perform light labor. These benefits supplement a workers’ income when they cannot return to full-time employment right away.

Permanent Total

Permanent total disability benefits are for workers who are permanently disabled and cannot work again in the future—even in a limited capacity. While permanent total disability is uncommon with repetitive motion injuries, an experienced Glen Burnie workers’ compensation attorney can help determine if your particular injury fits the criteria.

Permanent Partial

Some injuries can last a lifetime without entirely preventing an individual from maintaining employment. These are referred to as permanent partial disability benefits. Permanent partial disability benefits compensate the injured worker for injuries that are “partial in character and permanent in quality”. The amount of compensation is set by the injured workers average weekly wage at the time of injury, and the level of lost functioning they have suffered in the injured body part(s).  An attorney experienced in workers’ compensation claims for permanent disability can help assist injured workers in maximizing this number.

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A repetitive stress injury can have life-long consequences. The pain and soreness from these injuries can make it difficult to take on day-to-day tasks as well as manage to maintain employment. You could be entitled to benefits due to your repetitive stress injury. Call a respected Glen Bernie repetitive motion injury lawyer today to learn more.