Maryland Truck Accident Settlement Process

The Maryland truck accident settlement process begins with collecting information, including the police report, pictures of the vehicle, property damage, medical records, reports, and medical bills.

A compassionate tractor trailer crash lawyer can present a settlement demand with the medical records, pictures of the car, a recitation of how these injuries have affected the person’s daily life, and request a settlement amount from the insurance company.

The insurance company evaluates it and usually comes back with a response to the settlement demand. The parties negotiate until they can come to an agreeable number.

How is the Settlement Value Calculated?

Calculation for the Maryland truck accident settlement process differs based on the details of the case. The amount of one’s settlement depends on:

  • The type of medical treatment was
  • Amount of lost wages
  • Amount of medical bills
  • Extent of their injuries

There are many factors that go into the evaluation of a settlement. Settlements are based on how the tractor trailer collision affected the victims daily living and their ability to conduct their life, and what the long-term effects are.

Expected Time to Receiving a Settlement

It is case-specific. It usually is based on how long it takes for someone to finish their treatment, when they get discharged from medical care, and how long it takes to collect all the information to determine who is responsible for the accident.

The Maryland truck accident settlement process could take anywhere from three to six months or up to a year. This depends on the person and when they are finished treating. There is not a way the process can be expedited, as it is based on the treatment they receive and how long it takes to recover or reach maximum medical improvement.

What  the Injured Party Can do to Receive their Settlement?

They should make sure that they follow all their doctors’ directions, go to all their treatment, follow their doctor’s appointment, and get well. Once they get discharged, they should notify their attorney so that they can collect all the necessary information to present a settlement demand. It might be a good idea for the injured person to collect or get copies of all of their medical records, which helps speed up the process of the collection of information.

Potential Negotiation Issues

The insurance company may take a while to respond to the settlement demand. They may not be able to get in touch with their truck driver. They may not be able to have the authority to settle the case. Those are some of the issues.

Role of the Jury in the Determination of a Settlement Amount

There is no role of a jury with respect to a settlement. Settlement is before suit or while the case is pending and before trial. The injured person and lawyer will consider what a jury verdict would be in terms of if it were to go to trial and whether that helps the value of the case.

An attorney can help by knowing the venue and where the accident happened, and understanding how the specific injuries are valued. They understand the value of the case better than a layperson would.

They need to take into account whether or not they are anticipating any future medical care and medical expenses and whether or not they have a permanent injury.

Help From an Attorney When Settling a Case

An attorney knows the venue in the Maryland truck accident settlement process and . Someone who is not represented by an attorney may be provided a low-ball offer and not understand the extent of the value of their case.

Maryland Truck Accident Settlements