First Steps to Take After a Maryland Truck Accident

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You may not think about how badly you are injured after a crash with a commercial truck. You are happy to be alive. But there are protocols you should follow to preserve evidence and ensure the liable party is held accountable. Below are some of the first steps to take after a Maryland truck accident. Contact one of our diligent truck accident attorneys now if you need immediate assistance.

Call 911 to Summon Police and an Ambulance

Motorists injured in tractor-trailer collisions should call 911 or ask someone on the scene to call. Because the accident involved a commercial truck, the injuries will likely be severe. The truck driver and involved motorists could face felony charges if they leave the scene of an accident of their own volition when serious injuries are involved.

Exchange Information with Witnesses and Involved Parties

While motorists are waiting for emergency help, they can exchange names, addresses, phone numbers, and insurance information. Involved motorists should try to take cell phone footage documenting the crash and injuries.

Do not give an opinion about the cause of the accident or any role a driver may have played. The police will do that after speaking with all parties.

The Value of Law Enforcement Reports

Law enforcement officers responding to accidents are trained to interview witnesses and memorialize what they observe in a crash report. This report is valuable for many reasons, including:

  • Corroboration for insurance claims
  • Evidence in a personal injury lawsuit
  • Allows faster insurance claim payouts
  • Serving as a reminder to negligent truck drivers who later recant their statements

Trucking companies must carry minimum accident insurance for interstate routes, according to the US Code of Federal Regulations § 387.9. This includes $750,000 in liability insurance and $5 million if hazardous cargo is being transported. If these amounts are insufficient to compensate a severely injured truck accident victim, a proactive injury attorney can file a negligence lawsuit against the responsible parties.

Medical Care is Crucial

Medical care is the most crucial of the first steps to take after a Maryland truck accident. Timely care stabilizes people traumatized in crashes, and follow-up hospital and physician care are necessary for healing.

Additionally, medical records are essential evidence to prove guilt if an injured party files an insurance claim or negligence lawsuit. Our seasoned lawyers understand the critical steps to take after a Maryland truck accident and could help guide an injured person through the process.

Keep a Record

When a devastating truck accident occurs, an injured party cannot know if it will be resolved via an insurance settlement or personal injury lawsuit. Another essential step following a truck crash in Maryland is to keep all related information in one file for an attorney to review. Include the:

  • Law enforcement and medical reports
  • Receipts for accident-related expenses
  • Insurance adjuster and witness contact information
  • Any cell phone videos or photos of the accident scene

Discuss the First Steps to Take After a Truck Accident with a Maryland Attorney

Truck accidents change your life in the few seconds they take to happen, and knowing what to do in the aftermath will feel overwhelming. Do not assume that you are just a little shaken when you could suffer from several severe conditions caused by the crash.

Following the first steps to take after a Maryland truck accident outlined above could save your life and preserve the evidence needed for an insurance claim or negligence lawsuit. After taking these initial steps, do not hesitate to contact one of our knowledgeable attorneys for further guidance.