Montgomery County Personal Injury Protection Coverage

Someone who has been involved in a car accident may find themselves facing large medical bills and car repair bills. In these cases, a person’s personal injury protection coverage will be beneficial to them in helping cover some of the costs associated with being in a car accident, although a person will not likely receive coverage benefits immediately after an accident. Call a Montgomery County car accident lawyer to discuss PIP coverage in more detail or if you are interested in filing a claim against another party involved in a car accident.

What is Personal Injury Protection Coverage

Personal injury protection coverage is often referred to as PIP coverage. This is a particular section of an insurance policy offered to insureds that pays a certain portion of the claim on a no fault basis. Personal injury protection is something that is required to be offered by insurance companies to their insureds in Maryland. If the insured does not want personal injury protection, the insured must waive this coverage affirmatively.

Insurance companies must offer personal injury protection coverage to their insureds. Insureds can waive this coverage, but they must do so affirmatively when they are applying for or renewing their insurance coverage. If someone does not have personal injury protection it really does not affect the liability claim. Although, the injured person in Montgomery County will not have this immediate cash flow to help with some immediate costs.

Impact on a Montgomery County Car Accident Case

Montgomery County personal injury protection typically does not really affect the handling of a claim as the coverage is available on a no fault basis, meaning the injured person receives the payment regardless of who is at fault, and this claim is handled separate and apart from a liability claim for personal injuries.

Personal injury protection affords payment to the insured for the set amount according to the insurance policy limits for either missed time from work, or unpaid medical bills incurred due to the accident. Thus, it can serve as a benefit to pay some immediate out of pocket expenses, but it really has no effect on the claim overall.

Common Misconceptions About PIP Coverage

One misconception about PIP coverage in Montgomery County is the at-fault party’s insurance company should pay the PIP claim. The PIP claim is paid through a person’s own insurance company. It is offered on a no fault basis, so it does not matter who is at fault for the accident. It is simply a method of payment through the operation of the insurance contract.

What’s Important to Know About PIP Coverage in Montgomery County

Everyone should understand whether they have PIP coverage and should understand the insurance policy limits offered under PIP coverage. Everyone should understand they are entitled to PIP whenever they are involved in a motor vehicle accident if they have it on their insurance policy. To learn more about PIP coverage and its benefit to you, call today and speak with an experienced Montgomery County car accident attorney as soon as possible.

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