Howard County Failure to Yield Accidents

A failure to yield in Howard County can occur when someone is turning, when someone is merging from one road to another road, where there is a 4 way stop, when there is a broken or defective traffic sign, when there is a downed stop sign or a variety of other situations. At some of those intersections or merging lanes there are yield signs, and if someone fails to obey the traffic sign they may be ticketed for failing to yield the right of way.

Any time a witness is involved that can show that someone had the right of way or someone was where they weren’t supposed to be that can always help you in proving your case on liability. Consult with our Howard County car accident lawyers to discuss how to proceed in your particular case.

How Failure to Yield Accidents Occur in Howard County

Failure to yield can be when you come into an intersection and other people are going, it can be when you’re merging on or off a highway. It can be when you’re leaving the driveway or a parking lot. Any time another car is passing in front of you or making a turn or you’re going through and they’re turning or vice versa or if they have a yield sign, those can be accidents where failure to yield can occur.

As long as someone has the right of way then it’s clear that if there is an accident then someone should have yielded. However, due to the sometimes quick nature of these accidents, the case can devolve into a his word against mine situation. In these cases, it depends on who is more credible in their testimony or their statements to the police. If there was a witness involved that helps clear it up because it’s an independent party informing on what they saw and what they thought regarding the collision. If the position of the vehicles at the time of the impact is preserved after the impact until the police come is always helpful because the police can make a determination as to who had the right to yield based on the impact of those cars and the location thereof.

How Insurance Companies Treat Failure to Yield Accidents

It depends, if liability is disputed, then these cases may be more difficult. If there are independent witnesses and the witness favors the plaintiff, meaning that the witness believes that the defendant failed to yield the right of way, then the case becomes more simple because it appears that liability is clear against the defendant. Demonstrative evidence like photographs or property damage can also support your claims.

Benefit of Working With Private Law Firm

A private law firm in Howard County has more resources both in terms of money to spend on cases and time to spend on cases. They also have more people to spend on cases and oftentimes have more resources like investigators or expert witnesses that they can use at their disposal to help prove your case. In the grand scheme of things, you’ll get more benefits and resources if you retain a law firm.

Investigating These Cases in Howard County

While investigating these cases, Howard County injury attorneys can look at security cameras or traffic cameras in the area to see if the accident was captured on video. They can try to find the witnesses and send investigators to the scene. They can use an accident reconstructionist or a forensic expert to look at the skid marks that determine the speed and the stopping rate of each vehicle and from that construct how they think the accident can happen to some kind of reasonable degree of scientific evidence. They can look at the property damage of each vehicle to determine the likely position of the vehicles or the police report which documents the position of each vehicle. Those are some of the things that attorneys can do to help determine how the accident happened and thus present your case that the other person failed to yield right away.