Howard County Head On Collisions Lawyer

A head on collision is when two vehicles meet head on so the front of one vehicle comes into contact with the front of another one or the head of the vehicle comes into the head of another vehicle. These accidents typically take place as one vehicle veers across the double yellow line or into an oncoming path of traffic. These happen frequently around curves or late at night or when there’s low visibility, in low lit areas or where people use their high beams to light up the area and that could temporarily blind the driver.

It can also happen when people are distracted by some of the familiar factors such as the GPS or a phone or text messages, social media or smoking or eating or drinking. It can also happen when people are drowsy or driving while impaired in some way. If you have been injured in this type of accident a Howard County car accident lawyer is available to help you file a claim.

Impact of Head On Collisions

Head on collisions are very dangerous because if you’re the driver in a vehicle that’s been in a head on collision there is no extra rows of seating behind you to protect you such as in like a rear-end collision so there’s a potential for if you’re in a head on collision there’s a big potential for you to hit your head either on the driver’s side window or the windshield or the steering wheel. So they can cause you very serious damages and result in very serious accidents.

Determining Fault in Head On Injury Cases

It could vary from case to case especially if two people are turning in an intersection. Whereas someone goes and makes a left turn and someone makes a right turn and they meet in the middle in a head on collision that could be a he-said she-said situation where liability is seriously disputed. However if there’s an instance where two people are driving in the opposite directions and one of them veers out of their lane into the other lane, typically whoever veered out of their lane, unless there’s a very good reason for it, will be found at fault for the accident because they left their lane and veered over the double yellow line. So it’s easy for them to be held responsible because, they’re not where they’re supposed to be and they violated the rules of the road.

That can be used in as an example of negligence against them in their liability case.

Potential Factors in Determining Liability

If both vehicles leave their lane that’s contributory negligence and thus it can be hard for you to recover. Contributory negligence can be a factor if the injured party has veered over across the double yellow lines and into the other lane of travel. The defendant would have a strong argument for contributory negligence in that instance because the injured person is in a lane of travel that they are not supposed to be in and had violated the rules of the road.

First Steps An Attorney Will Take in A Head On Collision Case

After a head on collision the first thing you want to do is preserve all the evidence available to you regarding how the accident occurred. You want to be able to show the position of the cars especially if one car left their lane and came to rest in the other side of the roadway over the double yellow lines. . If you can document that in some way either by a police report,  by photos  by a witness account or by your own statement, that’s how you would prove your case against the other driver in a head on collision.

If you were driving along in your lane and the other person crosses the line into your lane, then it’s very difficult to have any fault against you. In addition to liability an attorney will collect the medical records and bills of any medical or health care provider that provided treatment to the injured person and then create a summary in a letter form to submit to the insurance company as a demand for the value of the case for settlement.

How Important is it To Follow Up With Your Doctor?

It’s important to follow up with your doctor because an injury that seems small initially or that you might ignore initially because you don’t think much of them, can develop over time if left untreated and can turn into a much more severe and serious injury if left untreated. If your injuries do become more serious, if you try and make a claim for them some months later after the accident you might run into some problems trying to prove that the injuries are related to the accident. The defendant may raise the argument that your injuries are caused by something else other than the accident.