Hiring a Lawyer After a College Park Pedestrian Accident

When a pedestrian is hit by a car, they can suffer serious physical injuries that have devastating long-term consequences. Someone who has been hit by a vehicle while walking should seek out an attorney who can help them file an injury claim and hold the driver of the vehicle responsible for their negligence. Because these types of claims can take a long time to reach a resolution and can be a very stressful process in general, having an advocate on a victim’s side is invaluable.

Ways a Lawyer Can Help

After a client agrees to enter into an attorney-client relationship, the lawyer will contact the injured pedestrian and collect from them voluminous information. The attorney will request the injured pedestrian’s photo identification, insurance card, a copy of the police report any other documentation that is necessary to investigate the claim and initiate the claim process.

The other thing an injured pedestrian should understand is that an attorney will make contact with the at-fault party’s insurance carrier and the injured pedestrian’s own auto insurance carrier, if applicable, in order to initiate a claim and begin obtaining any and all compensation that is available to that injured pedestrian.

Investigate the Accident

An injured pedestrian should understand that an experienced personal injury attorney will investigate how the accident occurred which could vary from case to case. For example, if a pedestrian loses consciousness at the accident scene due to the collision, then the injured pedestrian may not be the best source of information as to how the accident occurred or the events that occurred immediately after the impact.

The accident attorney will either investigate those issues on his or her own, or retain the services of an investigator to go out into the field and obtain information that is important to perfecting that claim.

The investigation done into the pedestrian’s personal injury case really depends on the facts and circumstances of that individual case. Likewise, if there is an issue as to obtaining medical documentation or documenting the medical bills incurred, this is an issue that the personal injury attorney handles on behalf of the injured pedestrian.

Allow Client to Recover

It is the primary goal for the injured pedestrian to concentrate on their medical treatment and recovery. It should be the attorney’s job to handle all of the other issues that are going on at that particular time. These issues can include dealing with investigators, insurance companies, or medical providers.

It is also the personal injury attorney’s job to handle these outside issues on behalf of the injured pedestrian so that he or she is in a favorable position to receive full compensation.

What to Look for in an Attorney

Anyone involved in an accident as a pedestrian should contact an attorney who not only has handled similar cases previously, but who is also familiar with the geographical area where the accident occurred. The primary issue when finding a lawyer is finding one with experience. Knowledge and information of the particular county where a motor vehicle accident or pedestrian accident occurs is crucial to the evaluation of that claim. 

Forming a Relationship

The other issue is the injured person should speak with the attorney and start a working relationship with the attorney so that he or she feels comfortable with that attorney working on his or her behalf. A typical pedestrian injury claim in College Park can go on for some time.

Since it can be such an extensive process, there is a mutual obligation by both the injured pedestrian to work with the attorney, and the attorney to work with his or her client throughout the claim process in order to obtain the best result possible. The injured person, therefore, should have some contact with the attorney and feel comfortable with that attorney moving forward.

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