Maryland Truck Accidents and Traumatic Brain Injuries

If you or someone you know has suffered a traumatic brain injury due to a truck accident in Maryland, the following is what you need to know about the prevelance of these cases, conditions that make these accidents more likely to occur, and the importance of consulting with an experienced attorney. For assistance with your case, call and schedule a consultation with an MD TBI lawyer today.

Prevalance of TBI Injuries In Truck Accident Cases

Traumatic brain injuries are more commonly sustained in truck accidents than in a regular accidents between two vehicles or two sedans or two non-truck vehicles, due to the fact that a truck is a much bigger vehicle and it can cause much more damage. If a truck comes into contact with an automobile, it could cause greater damage to the person driving the automobile than if it was struck by a regular sedan or SUV. Due to the greater impact of a truck as opposed to a regular four door sedan or sports utility vehicle, the greater likelihood for a head injury will result from a trucking accident.

What Kind of Brain Injuries are Most Often Sustained?

It depends on how the particular circumstances of the accident play out, but more than likely a trucking accident will more than likely produce a primary brain injury as opposed to a secondary injury. Depending on the severity of the impact and the injuries both anoxic and hypoxic injuries could occur.

Conditions That Lead to TBI Injuries

There are a variety of conditions which make TBI injuries more likely to take place, starting with trucks that are carrying combustible or flammable material. In these cases there is potential for a truck to explode in which case exposure to smoke and pollution could cause traumatic brain injuries.

Another condition that would increase the likelihood of TBI injuries is the amount of force generated by the truck as opposed to another type of vehicle, or even a truck carrying less. The truck could roll over and crash the car that you’re driving so that act can cause traumatic brain injury after it has an impact to your head.  It could also impact the windshield or crack the windshield so that act could cause an injury to your head that can cause a traumatic brain injury.  These are just some of the conditions that can lead to TBI injuries from truck accidents.

Filing a TBI Case After a Truck Accident

There is a whole different set of circumstances you need to prove when filing an injury case involving truck accidents and cases of TBI.  You need to show that the truck violated any federal motor carrier statute, any state, local or federal government statute.  You would need to preserve the black box in the truck in addition to any dashboard video cameras.  You would also need to investigate the scene to locate any potential witnesses that caused the driver act in a certain way that caused your injury.

Taking a step further, you might need to inspect the weight of the truck if it went through a weigh station or last weigh station it went through.  You need to check out where it came from and what was put into the truck, if it was weighed properly, if it was distributed properly, if it was secured properly, if the truck was an open flatbed or a closed box truck.  There are things that can fall out of the truck and strike your vehicle and cause other vehicles to swirl over or moving properly and these cause accidents for not only your vehicle, but other vehicles around you.

Importance of An Attorney

If you have an attorney who has experience in truck accidents collision and in TBI accidents then you’ll be doubly prepared to walk through this double mind field of potential pitfalls and hazards and obstacles in order to get you the maximum recovery for your case.

There are several things that a defense truck attorney can do to prevent you from getting the proper evidence that you need to document the full extent of your case.  On the same token a person who is defending a traumatic brain injury, can point to any kind of lack of treatment or any other cause of the traumatic brain injury aside from the trucking accident. For these reasons, it is important to have someone who is well versed in both these areas so that they can help a person avoid obstacles, hazards and pitfalls that are laid out by the defense attorney in these very complex and complicated fields of law.