Liability in Catastrophic Dog Bite Cases in Maryland

In catastrophic dog bite injury cases, there can be a variety of factors that influence liability. It is important to have a good understanding of the types of evidence that can be used to establish liability and who is typically sued in these particular injury cases.

If you have been in an accident, a catastrophic dog bite injury attorney will be able to get you the compensation you deserve in recovering for damages and determining liability after a catastrophic dog bite. It is important for anyone that is considering filing a claim to consult with and retain a qualified catastrophic dog bite attorney in Maryland to ensure that they obtain the best result possible in their case.

Investigation Process

A victim of a catastrophic dog bite injury should consult with a personal injury attorney first to begin the investigation process. This will ensure that all of the necessary information is collected near the time of the occurrence, which increases its reliability, so that as the claim progresses, the information can be trusted and used effectively.

Next, the attorney will reach out to the owner of the dog and perform the steps necessary to process or file the claim as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Filing a Claim

Filing a claim is done almost immediately after the attorney is retained. The amount of time from the date of filing until the case is resolved is case specific.

When gathering evidence in a claim, whether the dog has attacked others in a similar fashion is generally the most important evidence in establishing liability in a catastrophic dog bite injury case in Maryland.

There is a three-year statute of limitations on personal injury claims arising from a dog bite in Maryland that individuals need to be aware of as well when filing a claim.

Who is Eligible to File a Claim

Victims of a dog bite are typically the plaintiffs that initiate claims seeking compensation for their bodily injuries in Maryland.

It does not have to the be the person that was attacked filing the claim. If the person that has been attacked is a minor or is deceased, a family member can initiate the claim on their behalf.

This eligibility does not change is someone who has been attacked is a legal resident of another state as well. The residence of the victim has no impact on their ability to file a claim for a catastrophic dog bite injury case in Maryland.

Who is Liable

Generally, the owner of a dog is the person held liable for the injuries inflicted by their dangerous or potentially dangerous dog.

There are certain circumstances in which a non-owner of the dog may be liable for the actions of the dog, such as a pet-sitter. A close examination of the facts, which includes the relationship between the person entrusted with the care of the dog and the dog’s prior actions and behavior should occur to evaluate potential liability in a catastrophic dog bite case in Maryland by someone other than the owner.

Multiple Dog Attacks

An attorney can help someone who has been attacked by multiple dogs in Maryland and will ensure that the victim obtains the just and equitable compensation which they are entitled based on the nature and extent of the injuries sustained and any other liability issues.

The victim of a catastrophic dog bite case in Maryland would establish liability when there are multiple dogs in the same manner as they would when the incident involves a single dog. The identification of the owner must be determined and the appropriate steps must be taken to bring a claim against the owners of the dogs.

Typically, the animal control investigation will determine ownership of the dogs involved in a catastrophic dog bite injury case in Maryland, and thus, the ownership issue typically is resolved without much delay.

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