Maryland Catastrophic Dog Bite Lawyer

A catastrophic dog bite injury is typically an injury that could result in severe injury and permanent disfigurement for an individual attacked by a dangerous dog. The nature and extent of a catastrophic dog bite injury depends on the nature of the attack, the victim involved, the negligence of the owner, and many other factors that go into evaluating each dog bite case on a case by case basis.

Maryland catastrophic injury attorney will best be able to get you the compensation you deserve in recovering for damages after a catastrophic dog bite. It is important for anyone that is considering filing a catastrophic dog bite claim to consult with and retain a qualified personal injury attorney to ensure that they obtain the best result possible.

Dangerous and Potentially Dangerous Dogs

A dangerous dog in Maryland is classified as such when they have attacked, without provocation, and has caused serious injury in the past. They will also be classified as such if they are a dog that has been determined to be a potentially dangerous dog and attacks after that designation.

A potentially dangerous dog is a dog that has bitten a person when not on its owner’s property, seriously injured or killed another domestic animal, or attacked without provocation. A dangerous dog has inflicted serious injury or killed a person without provocation. The difference between the two typically depends on the extent of the injury sustained by the attack of the dog.

Establishing Liability

To establish liability in a catastrophic dog bite case, an attorney should evaluate the history of the dog involved and the actions of its owner in safeguarding the public from the actions of the dog. If the victim can establish that the dog owner was not acting reasonably and the dog was a dangerous or potentially a dangerous dog, the victim should be able to present the necessary facts to establish liability in their favor.

Recovery After a Dog Bite Injury

Anyone that has been attacked and sustained a catastrophic injury should first seek immediate medical attention at the nearest emergency room. A medical professional is best able to predict the longstanding effects of a catastrophic dog bite injury. However, an injury attorney in Maryland will be able to assist the victim of the catastrophic dog bite in evaluating the claim and obtaining the recovery to which they are entitled.

Contacting an Attorney

Anyone that has been the victim of a catastrophic dog bite injury case in Maryland should contact a catastrophic dog bite lawyer as soon as possible so that the lawyer can conduct the necessary investigation and obtain the requisite information as quickly and as efficiently as possible after the incident occurred.

A delay in contacting an attorney may allow certain information to be lost or destroyed that could be crucial in establishing the case.

Maryland Catastrophic Dog Bite Lawyer