Bethesda Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

A pedestrian accident is any accident that occurs involving a pedestrian and a motor vehicle. Generally, the individual involved will either be injured as a result of the motor vehicle striking him or her, or as a result of the secondary impact with the ground. With that said, pedestrian accidents often lead to more significant injuries, which can have a significant recovery time, cause the injured person to incur significant medical bills, and cause lost time from work. In order to make recovery for these injuries, it is important to work with a Bethesda pedestrian accident lawyer, and to understand the different aspects of these cases.

Unique Aspects of Pedestrian Accidents

The unique thing about a pedestrian accident is that pedestrians are usually more significantly injured than a person who is a passenger or a driver of a motor vehicle. This occurs due to the obvious nature of the impact of the motor vehicle with a pedestrian, who does not have the safety precautions of a seat belt or airbag that is provided by a motor vehicle. Broken bones, as well as disability and disfigurement are some of the common injuries these accidents can cause.

Factors That Can Impact Liability

Cases that involve pedestrian collision often require a close evaluation of the actions of the pedestrian along with the actions of the driver of the motor vehicle. Pedestrians in Bethesda, Maryland are required to conform with the rules of the road. The traffic laws require pedestrians to cross the street in the crosswalk. If a pedestrian is not on the sidewalk or not crossing the road within the designated crosswalk, then he or she may be found contributory negligent. Because Maryland is a contributory negligent state, if the injured party, regardless of how severe his or her injuries may be is, found to be even 1% liable for the collision, then the injured person’s claim is barred.

Impact of Drunk or Distracted Driving on Liability

Drunk driving can impact liability in a number of ways. Most importantly, if a person is struck by a drunk driver, then evidence of the driver’s impairment by alcohol can be used as evidence of negligence. Distracted driving due to the use of cellphones, can also be used to establish liability in a pedestrian accident case.

Damages in Pedestrian Accidents

There are a number of different damages someone involved in a pedestrian accident may be able to recover with the help of a pedestrian accident lawyer in Bethesda, beginning with medical bills. The medical bills are submitted to the injured person’s health insurance company, and hopefully, depending upon the individual’s health insurance policy, those medical bills can be paid when they are due. The cost of rehabilitation or rehab is included with the other medical bills submitted as part of the claim. Typically, an injured person sees a physician to be evaluated and diagnosed. The same physician may prescribe rehab to assist the injured person.

Lost Work Time

Lost time from work is another recoverable portion of damages that a Bethesda pedestrian accident lawyer may seek to obtain. Unfortunately, there is little that can be done to provide reimbursement for lost time from work while the claim is pending. Instead, close documentation needs to be kept of the lost time from work so that it can be presented when the time is right. Moreover, a person should expect that if their employer is not willing to provide compensation while they are out of work, then they might not be receiving their regular pay for a significant amount of time.

Importance of An Attorney

It is vitally important for anyone involved in a motor vehicle accident to contact a Bethesda pedestrian accident attorney who can assist them with ensuring that all of the proper documentation is presented to the at-fault party’s insurance company and ensure that they receive the full compensation to which they are owed. Often times, an injured party may not know what type of damages they are entitled to receive or appreciate how much of their medical treatment must be repaid to their insurance company. Hiring a attorney means having an experienced and knowledgeable person guide them through the process.

Bethesda Pedestrian Accident Lawyer