Bethesda Car Accident Claim Process 

Following a car accident, you may want to pursue a car accident claim, but not know where to start. A skilled car accident lawyer could help you navigate the Bethesda car accident claim filing process. If you have been injured or sustained damage to your car, speak with a lawyer that could pursue a positive outcome for you.

Victim Involvement in the Accident Claim Process

It is up to the injured person to make all of the decisions in the Bethesda car accident claim filing process. Attorneys want the person involved in the process from the very beginning. The plaintiff has to give the attorneys the facts, the dates, information about their treatment, and updates on how they are feeling. The person should prepare a kind of a journal about the healing process and how their injuries have affected their daily life.

It is vital that accident victims act proactively throughout this process. If an individual has been injured in an accident, they should tell the story to their lawyer, so that they can put it together and present a claim to the insurance company and, if need be, file a lawsuit.

With a lawsuit, there will be court appearances and settlement conferences. There will be discovery that the person is going to have to answer as an injured person. They are going to have to respond to document requests, have their deposition taken, and go to trial. While it can be time-consuming, participation in the accident claim process is the best way for an individual to ensure that their side of the story is heard.

What Happens Following an Action

Following an action, the plaintiff can decide whether they want to continue suing or not. That is entirely up to them. Filing an action also does not mean forfeiting the right to negotiate outside of court. Individuals can even negotiate on the courthouse steps on the day of trial.  Negotiations can continue even after a case is filed.

Which Cases Can Be Filed in Which Courts?

Any case with the amount in controversy that is $30,000 or less can be filed in district court, as well as the cases that the person wants to present before a judge instead of a jury.

A person can file a case in circuit court up to the amount of $30,000 without the need for expert testimony. Alternatively, a person can ask for more than $30,000, try the case in front of a jury, and hire expert medical providers.

Any amount in controversy in excess of $75,000 can be tried in Federal District Court, and the person has to have diversity jurisdictions. For instance, let’s say the person is in Maryland and the person who struck them is a Virginia resident. In other words, the person has to be a resident of a different state in order to be able to file in Federal district court.

Importance of a Bethesda Car Accident Attorney

If you have been injured in a car accident, it is very important to have someone who knows the local state laws, because each state has a slightly different process and procedure and different local laws with respect to negligence and causation and damages.

An attorney can help optimize your settlement recovery and may know the maximum amount an insurance company would be willing to give you. Lawyers also know that you should never accept the first offer and could help you determine what the best way is to optimize your recovery. Speak with an experienced and compassionate attorney that could help you navigate the Bethesda car accident claim filing process.