Maryland ATV Rollover Accidents Lawyer

Many individuals throughout Maryland and in other states utilize all-terrain vehicles, or ATVs, both for recreational and work purposes. While dirt roads, farms, trails, and rocky terrain are the perfect locations to ride ATV, they also pose the potential for ATV accidents that result in severe injuries to riders.

When you or someone you know has suffered injuries in an ATV accident, you may wish to contact a Maryland ATV rollover accidents lawyer for legal advice and counsel.

ATVs are powerful vehicles that often can reach speeds approaching that of a regular motor vehicle and weigh 2,000 pounds or more. As a result, a rollover accident can be catastrophic for riders, who easily may be thrown from the vehicle or crushed under the vehicle, depending on the circumstances.

A seasoned personal injury lawyer may be able to represent the interests of individuals who have sustained injuries in ATV accidents due to the negligence or failure to take safety precautions of others.

Causes of ATV Rollover Accidents

Some ATV accidents occur due to the negligence of others. For instance, ATV passengers may suffer injuries when they are thrown off the back of the ATV due to the ATV driver going too fast for conditions or pushing the ATV beyond its limits. In these cases, the ATV driver might be at fault for the accident.

In other situations, ATVs contain mechanical defects that cause them to stall suddenly, their brakes to fail or other malfunctions that result in injuries to the ATV riders. Likewise, a design defect may make an ATV unsuitable or unsafe to ride. These are cases in which ATV riders may be able to pursue the ATV manufacturer for compensation through product liability claims.

Product liability claims are complex and necessitate a great deal of investigation, knowledge, and technical proficiency to prove. An experienced ATV rollover accident lawyer in Maryland may be able to investigate potential product liability claims and determine the best course of action for injured riders based on their circumstances.

Injuries and Damages in ATV Rollover Accidents

Although ATV accidents may result in minor bumps and bruises, they also can result in devastating and catastrophic injuries to riders. When riding ATVs, riders have none of the safety features built into most motor vehicles, such as seatbelts, airbags, or the protective roof and frame of the vehicle itself. Some of the most severe injuries that can result from an ATV rollover accident include:

Broken bones, neck injuries, and other significant injuries also may result from ATV rollover accidents, many of which may cause permanent impairment or even death in some circumstances. Ejectment and crush injuries are both likely outcomes of ATV rollover accidents. When negligence has led to a crash of this nature that causes injuries, the advice of an ATV rollover accident attorney in Maryland may be highly beneficial.

Injured ATV riders may be able to seek damages from parties whose negligence led to their injuries. Regardless of the type of actions that led to the ATV rollover accident, injury victims may be able to recover various damages to compensate them for their injuries. These damages may include payment of medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, hospital bills, medical equipment expenses, current and future lost wages, and pain and suffering, among others.

How a Maryland ATV Rollover Accidents Attorney Could Help

Although designed for older teenagers and adults, families frequently allow young children to ride ATVs, which puts them at an even higher risk of losing control and experiencing a rollover accident. Moreover, if the ATV has a severe defect of any kind, it can be equally as dangerous to an adult.

All too often, as a Maryland ATV rollover accidents lawyer has seen, what started as a fun afternoon of recreational ATV riding in a remote area, turn into an accident scene.

Whether potential liability rests in the manufacturer of a defective ATV model or the negligence of the inexperienced or untrained ATV driver, individuals who have sustained injuries in ATV rollover accidents should not hesitate to seek legal advice. They may be entitled to compensation for their losses through personal injury or product liability claims.