Mistakes to Avoid in a Truck Accident in Anne Arundel

One of the many mistakes to avoid in a truck accident in Anne Arundel is admitting fault. This is important to note because an individual may not be at fault for their collision. There could be other reasons why the accident occurred. Mainly, the trucker is responsible and any admission of fault can be used against the individual in a civil case, making the case more difficult to prove.

Apologizing after a crash can be taken as if an individual is accepting responsibility for the accident. Maryland, including Anne Arundel County, is a contributory negligent state. If an individual wants help avoiding mistakes after their accident, speaking with a qualified tractor trailer attorney right away.

Risks of Giving Statements Before Consulting an Attorney

The danger is that the insurance company is not looking out for the person’s best interests. They have an obligation to their insured, which is the negligent driver, to either find that they are not responsible or pay the least amount of money for a claim as possible. They are not there to help the person. They are going to ask questions in a way that suggests the answer that is going to be beneficial to the insurance company for the negligent driver.

They are going to try to get the person to admit things that perhaps may not have happened. Those statements can be used against the person in the settlement negotiation process to decrease the value of the claim or to use it to deny the claim. That is why it is very important to not give a recorded statement about how the facts of the accident happened or about the person’s treatment without consulting an attorney first.

Impact of Speaking with Insurance Companies

Insurance companies have an obligation to their insured to conduct an investigation into the facts and circumstances of the case. They do that by talking to their insured driver, to any witnesses, to the police, and to the person to ascertain the facts of the situation before they make any determination as to liability, meaning who was responsible for the accident.

Dealing with the Other Driver’s Insurance

They may offer something in the very beginning, maybe while the person is in physical therapy or in early-on stages, to get the person to take the least amount of money possible and settle the claim. If the person cashes that check, it is considered accord and satisfaction, meaning that the person cannot pursue a claim against the negligent driver.

How Does Contributory Negligence Impact Recovery?

Anne Arundel applies contributory negligent laws. This means, If a person is found to be 1% responsible for any of their injuries or 1% for the accident, it is a complete bar to any recovery.

They have an obligation to conduct an investigation by the insurance contract with their insured, but they are looking to try to find out whether or not the non-negligent driver was actually negligent, as well. Those are the circumstances in which they want to get a recorded interview.

Learning about common mistakes to avoid in a truck accident in Anne Arundel is important because many believe that insurance companies will act in the best interest of the injured party. They do not have to, but they think that they are supposed to.

Failing to Contact an Attorney Immediately Following a Truck Accident

Not contacting an attorney is perhaps one of the most dangerous mistakes to avoid in a truck accident in Anne Arundel. In trucking accidents, there are a lot of insurance companies and employers involved. The truck driver may be employed as a contractor or sub-contractor. The rig may be insured by one insurance company. The trailer may be insured by someone else.

An individual is not going to know who to contact and a truck accident lawyer understands the process much better than a layperson. The attorney can handle all of those phone calls, file the necessary claims, and conduct the investigation for the individual while they focus on going to their medical treatment and getting better.

Mistakes to Avoid in a Truck Accident in Anne Arundel