Towson Car Accident Lawyer

Whether it is a parking lot fender-bender, a collision at an intersection, or a rollover at high speed on an interstate highway, car accidents have the potential to cause substantial physical and financial losses for everyone involved. Unfortunately, many such incidents—and accordingly, every form of harm that comes from them—could have been avoided altogether if just one person had acted more reasonably under the circumstances.

Fortunately, you may be able to hold a negligent driver financially liable for your accident-related damages if you can prove they were negligent with a personal injury attorney’s help. By retaining a skilled Towson car accident lawyer to help with your case, you could give yourself the best chances possible of establishing fault for your injuries and recovering fair financial restitution for every ensuing loss.

Basic Elements of a Successful Car Crash Claim

The term “negligence” has a specific multi-part definition in the context of civil litigation, and since virtually every car accident claim is based around the theory of negligence, it is crucial that prospective plaintiffs understand this legal concept. In the simplest terms possible, a person is negligent if they violate a “duty of care” in such a way that it is the “proximate”—meaning direct and primary—cause of a personal injury.

Everyone who drives on Maryland roads assumes an implicit “duty” towards fellow drivers, passengers, bikers, and pedestrians that requires safe and reasonable behavior behind the wheel. A “breach” of this duty could take the form of an express violation of traffic law like speeding, an intentionally aggressive action like tailgating or brake-checking, or a momentary lapse in concentration thanks to a distraction inside a driver’s vehicle.

Regardless of the particular form that a breach of duty takes, the injured “plaintiff” filing suit must show that this mistake directly led to the accident which, in turn, directly led to their injuries and compensable losses. A Towson car accident attorney could explain all these concepts in more detail and clarify how they might play into a specific case.

How Does State Law Limit Civil Recovery?

Proving someone else at fault for a Towson auto accident is only half the battle when it comes to seeking civil compensation for crash-related injuries. In Maryland, it is also necessary for plaintiffs to affirm that they themselves bear no fault whatsoever for their damages, since state courts follow a “pure contributory negligence” approach to plaintiff liability that completely prohibits anyone partly to blame for their own personal injury from recovering any civil compensation at all.

Additionally, Maryland Code, Courts & Judicial Proceedings §3-2A-09 sets a cap on recovery for non-economic damages like physical pain and emotional distress that—for causes of action arising after October 1, 2020—stands at $890,000 for all personal injury claims not involving wrongful death. Guidance from a seasoned car crash lawyer in Towson can be essential to understanding and navigating around these potential obstacles to recovery.

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The days and weeks immediately following a serious car wreck can be difficult to get through in more ways than one, especially if are struggling to recover from debilitating injuries and newfound financial expenses at the same time. If someone else is to blame for causing those losses, the assistance of knowledgeable legal counsel—or lack thereof—could determine how effectively and efficiently you can enforce your right to civil recovery.

A capable Towson car accident lawyer could stand by your side and tirelessly fight on your behalf throughout every stage of your settlement negotiations or lawsuit. Call today to learn more.