Maryland Equal Pay Discrimination Lawyer

“Equal pay for equal work” has long been the law, yet gender-based pay differences persist throughout the United States and in Maryland. A recent study has estimated that women still earn only 82 percent of what male workers make.

This difference is even greater for African American and Hispanic women as compared to white males in the same jobs. Pay discrimination affects almost all types of jobs in virtually all industries.

If you are receiving less pay than men who are doing the same job, a skilled Maryland equal pay discrimination lawyer is available to help. An attorney could advise you about your legal rights under federal, state and local laws and can suggest actions you can take to address pay discrimination in your workplace.

Time limits and deadlines apply to most cases, so reach out and contact our offices as soon as possible to learn how a dedicated equal pay lawyer could help.

Pay Equity Laws for Maryland Workers

The federal Equal Pay Act of 1963 requires that all covered employers pay equal wages to women and men performing substantially equal work. This includes wages as well as all other forms of compensation including pensions, insurance coverage, vacation time, profit sharing and any other benefits of value.

In evaluating whether positions involve equal work, the law considers whether the jobs involve substantially equal skill, effort, and responsibility that are performed under similar working conditions.

An employer facing an equal pay claim can justify unequal compensation through evidence that a difference in pay is due to a fair seniority, merit or incentive system, or some other factor other than sex.

In addition to federal law, the Maryland Equal Pay for Equal Work law also provides certain protections against discrimination. Under that law, employers cannot pay employees of one sex or gender identity at a rate less than that paid to other workers.

The law also bars employers from proving less favorable employment opportunities based on sex or gender identity. For some employees, local ordinances may provide additional protection against discrimination.

Bringing a Pay Discrimination Case

An employee suffering from gender-based pay discrimination can bring a civil lawsuit against their employer in court. To succeed, the plaintiff in an Equal Pay Act case must prove that they received less compensation than another employee of the opposite sex who performed the same work.

An employee who proves their case can recover economic damages equal to the difference between their compensation and the amount they should have earned, plus interest.

When there is also evidence of a willful violation of the law, they may also recover and an additional equal amount as liquidated damages. A successful litigant is also entitled to recover their court costs, including reasonable attorney’s fees. A seasoned equal pay discrimination lawyer in Maryland could assist with recovering damages.

As with most legal claims, time limits apply to filing a pay discrimination lawsuit. For cases brought under the Equal Pay Act, an employee must usually file their case in court within two years of when a violation occurred. This can also limit the amount of compensation that an employee can recover for equal pay violations.

Different procedures and limits may apply to claims under state or local laws, so getting legal advice as soon as possible is the safest bet for anyone who wants to understand their legal rights and how to pursue them.

How a Maryland Equal Pay Discrimination Attorney Could Help

If unlawful discrimination affects your work or pay, you should seek help from a skilled employment lawyer immediately.

An experienced Maryland equal pay discrimination lawyer is well-versed in the complex laws governing the workplace and can advise you about your possible claims and estimate the amount of back pay or damages you may be able to recover in a successful case.

Your lawyer can then suggest options for going after legal relief and help you prepare a strong and effective case. Employment discrimination cases are often complex, so contact Maryland equal pay discrimination lawyer today for more information.

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