Montgomery County Domestic Violence Lawyer

Allegations involving violence against family members or roommates can bring serious consequences for a conviction. Not many people realize that the mere accusation of domestic violence can change their life.

The core of any domestic violence charge is an accusation of violence or intimidation. While courts cannot charge a defendant with an instance of domestic violence, a defendant may face allegations of another criminal violation. Supposed incidents of domestic violence can result in an accuser applying for a restraining order.

A Montgomery County domestic violence lawyer could help to defend you against any allegation of domestic violence. Let a dedicated criminal attorney assist you with fighting back against the core criminal accusations to help prevent the creation of any restrictive restraining orders.

When does a Criminal Charge Involve Domestic Violence?

There is no statute in the state’s criminal code called domestic violence. When compared to other states, a defendant’s criminal record cannot indicate a conviction for domestic violence. It should be noted that a court may still mark an incident as one involving domestic violence. This carries multiple potential consequences.

A Maryland Family Law Code Ann. §4-513 defines a victim of domestic violence as, “…an individual who has received deliberate, severe, and demonstrable physical injury, or is in fear of imminent deliberate, severe, and demonstrable physical injury from a current or former spouse, or a current or former cohabitant…”

Any criminal offense allegedly committed against a person in these categories will result in the case being marked as one of domestic violence. Common examples of these offenses include assault, false imprisonment, stalking, harassment, and sexual offenses. Consequently, it is only the identity of the accuser of the incident that makes a matter one of domestic violence. An intelligent defense attorney could explain how domestic violence charges are tried in Montgomery County.

The Potential Effects of a Domestic Violence Case

At the center of any defendant’s mind should be the potential criminal consequences for the core criminal charge. Even a misdemeanor level offense can result in a jail sentence upon conviction and will create a criminal record. A Montgomery County domestic violence lawyer could help an individual fight back against the criminal charge at the center of the case.

Even more pressing may be the auxiliary effects of a domestic violence accusation. The accuser in a domestic violence charge may petition the court to create an order of protection. Since these orders require a defendant to cease all contact with the accuser, this can have a tremendous effect on a defendant’s life.

If a defendant must submit to these orders, this could force them to move out of their home, to quit their jobs, or may even affect their custody or visitation with children. Courts can implement these restraining orders long before a case even gets to trial.

A Montgomery County lawyer could help to protect a domestic violence defendant’s freedom and their right to continue living their life as they wish while awaiting trial.

How a Montgomery County Domestic Violence Attorney Can Help

Montgomery County takes allegations of domestic violence very seriously. This includes any accusation of violence or intimidation committed against a family member or household member. This includes spouses, children, parents, and even roommates. Whether a court classifies a case as one involving domestic violence can have a major impact on your life.

A Montgomery County domestic violence lawyer could help to protect your rights now and for the future. A simple accusation of domestic violence could force you to move out of a home, to quit a job, or to leave school. Mounting a defense as quickly and as effectively as possible is vital. A Montgomery County domestic violence lawyer could help with this process. Call an attorney today to schedule a meeting.