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Over the past decade or so, the use of crossbows for practice and hunting has grown significantly.

As more predators have been eliminated from the United States, the deer population has increased tenfold. In turn, many state governments are encouraging hunters to focus on the deer population, as a matter of public policy. Some may surmise, however, that the use of crossbows can help minimize the deer population, although the data is limited in this case.

The rise of crossbow use has also come with a correlated rise in crossbow accidents due to preventable defects. Avid enthusiasts have seen the rising number of product liability cases being filed against crossbow manufacturers. From minor thumb injuries to severe lacerations, a simple defect can alter the life of a victim permanently.

A skilled Maryland Barnett crossbow lawyer who is knowledgeable on manufacturer defects and hunting accidents can fight to protect your legal rights and look to secure fair compensation for damages sustained. Reach out to an experienced product liability attorney today.

Important Facts About Crossbow Accidents

Back in 2014, the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced three recalls covering roughly 13,000 crossbows due to a manufacturer defect that caused the weapon to discharge unexpectedly. While there were no injuries reported at the time, it becomes a major concern for hunters that are placing their trust in the manufacturer and the product.

In the state of Maryland, crossbows are ideally utilized to harvest nutria, woodchucks, and game fowl. However, animals that cannot be legally hunted include:

  • Weasels
  • Muskrats
  • Beavers
  • Minks
  • River otters

It is legal to use telescopic sights and laser sights in combination with crossbows. Moreover, all crossbows are required to have a functional safety switch equipped at all times when hunting.

In Maryland, crossbows are only permitted on bears or deer when the draw is no less than 75 pounds. Failure to adhere to any state requirements may result in fines, disciplinary action, or even jail time.

The Role of Liability in Crossbow Accident Cases

When a hunter is injured while using a crossbow, it is important that they know their rights. If the injury sustained was due to a defective product or if the victim was accidentally fired upon by another hunter, legal action may be taken.

In order to determine whether a product was defective due to a design flaw or failure to warn defect, the victim may be entitled to recovery for any damages or injuries sustained.

However, the ability to prove any of these defects takes a proper understanding of the facts involved and strategic planning with a skilled lawyer who is knowledgeable about crossbow accidents is highly recommended. Therefore, it is advisable for injured victims to speak to a Barnett crossbow lawyer in Maryland right away.

Liability may be imposed on any commercial seller of a defective product who is actively involved in the sale of said products. Meaning, any individual who is considered a merchant or seller of the crossbow can be held liable. Additionally, the manufacturer, distributor, online retailer, or sporting goods store may also be liable if injuries occur.

If any suggestions or certain assertions were made regarding the crossbow and are relied upon by the buyer, the injured party may assert a claim for breach of warrant against the manufacturer of the weapon. Thus, when a retailer recommends a particular crossbow, and a defect causes injuries, the retailer may be held liable for damages.

Holding Crossbow Manufacturers Responsible

An unexpected, preventable defect that causes injury to the user can result in not only physical pain and extensive medical attention, but emotional distress as well. The loss of a finger due to an unexpected discharge can potentially change the way one lives and adapts to day-to-day situations.

A knowledgeable Maryland Barnett crossbow lawyer could help victims understand their legal rights and aggressively fight to hold the responsible manufacturer accountable for their actions. To learn more, call today.

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