What To Do After A Motorcycle Crash In Montgomery County

The time after a motorcycle accident could be confusing. Many people are unsure of the steps to take and who to call. First, those who have been involved in a motorcycle accident should seek medical treatment immediately. A medical professional could ensure that there is no internal damage. Additionally, proof of injuries from a medical professional will help document and bolster an individual’s claim.

An attorney could help someone that has been involved in a motorcycle accident by making sure that the person gets quality medical treatment and gives the correct and proper information to the insurance companies involved. Without an experienced motorcycle lawyer, evidence may not be properly documented and it may be difficult to support a demand for payment and recovery. Call to learn about what to do after a motorcycle accident in Montgomery County.

The Rules of Contributory Negligence

The State of Maryland follows the rules of contributory negligence. This means if the injured person was partially at fault for an accident, that can impact their eligibility to recover compensation. Maryland is a pure contributory negligence state, which means that if the injured party was even one percent at fault for their accident or their injuries, they may be unable to recover compensation from the defendant. It is essential to call a skilled motorcycle accident attorney immediately after a collision. An experienced attorney could walk you through the steps of what to do next after a motorcycle crash in Montgomery County.

Immediate Steps to Take Following a Crash

The most important concern that takes place on the roads after a motorcycle accident is to immediately get them to a safe place. If the crash was in the center of a highway, they should make sure that they get themselves off the highway and walk to the shoulder. They want to, as best as possible, photograph the scene and any vehicles involved. They want to exchange information with the other driver, including driver’s licenses, insurance information, and registration information. They want to get the names of all witnesses involved, so that they have them to support their claim that the driver was negligent.

Contacting Insurance Companies

A person should contact an attorney after being injured or involved in a motorcycle accident. One of the main ways an attorney could help is speaking and communicating to insurance companies on your behalf. It is necessary to contact insurance to report the motorcycle accident is as soon as possible. An attorney could ensure that the injured party is not being taken advantage of and could help them recover compensation that covers the full value of their damages.

How Could the Lack Of Insurance Impact a Motorcycle Injury Case?

If a motorcycle rider lacks insurance, that could impact a motorcycle injury case. If the person that hit them has no insurance, they could only collect against their own policy. If a person does not have a good underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage, they are not going to get money to pay for their medical bills and lost wages.

Additionally, motorcyclists are required to have insurance, and there any penalties for not having insurance. It is criminal offense and individuals could go to jail.

Collecting and Documenting Evidence

Injured parties should document their accident to best aid in their personal injury claim by contacting an attorney immediately and taking photographs of everything. Most people nowadays have smartphones. Start taking photographs of all views from the scene of the vehicle and of the other person’s information, including registration card and driver’s license. Take photographs showing the damage and where everything took place. Record the names of any witnesses and their contact information. Even video record people at the scene, giving their information and saying what happened.

Let a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Help

There are many steps individuals should take after a motorcycle accident to ensure their eligibility to recover compensation for damages. Those who have been injured in a bike crash should first seek immediate medical attention. Next, they should call an experienced motorcycle accident attorney. The lawyer could help collect crucial evidence such as witness statements, photographs of the scene, as well as help with communicating with insurance companies. Call today to discuss what to do after a motorcycle accident in Montgomery County.

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