Medical Misdiagnosis Prevention in Maryland

The following are frequently asked questions regarding medical malpractice injury cases in Maryland. To learn more about medical malpractice or to file a claim schedule a consultation with a Maryland medical malpractice lawyer today.

Well, it could be avoided if doctors were able to monitor all their patients, and provide all the attention and care that they should to a patient.

If they exercise the requisite skill and care of their medical profession, if they follow up with their patients, if they monitor the cases, then there shouldn’t be a misdiagnosis if the doctors are trained properly and if they have staff that they trained properly and are able to use their full time and attention to care for their patients, then this should be avoided entirely.

And that’s the basis a failure to diagnose claim, that the doctor should have known about it or should have caught it or should have inquired further or should have performed some kind of differential diagnosis to find a problem that eventually became a much bigger problem.

What Are Some of The First Questions You Ask a Potential Misdiagnosis Client?

Well, one of the first questions I asked in every medical malpractice or potential medical malpractice cases is what do they believe was the medical malpractice that they’re alleging. And also, you want to ask them if another doctor has weighed in on the person that they think has caused the medical malpractice.  Basically, you want to find out whether a 2nd doctor has told them that the 1st doctor made a mistake.

What Are Some of The First Things You Look Into?

Well, the first thing that we look into in every medical malpractice is the record. The records of the doctor or nurse or medical professional that they alleged has done something wrong.

This is because the records are the whole case. And if our doctor can find something that was done improperly that would rise to the level of malpractice that has caused an injury to the client, well then, we’ll be able to pursue that case as a medical malpractice case. It’s also important to see what any other doctor has said or commented on in regard to the treatment provided by the doctor who is alleged to be cause of the malpractice.

Typically, one doctor will say, “Yeah, they messed up” or “No, they didn’t mess up”, or “This is the typical side effect where something can be expected.” You know, it’s a back up for what you think may have occurred.

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