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Heart disease causes more deaths across the United States each year than any other type of illness or accident, and many of those deaths occur specifically due to cardiac arrest. This condition can be fatal in a matter of minutes without immediate treatment in the form of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and administration of an electrical shock through an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

When you or a family member suffers cardiac arrest because of a defective AED, incorrect administration of CPR, or the negligent absence of either, a Maryland heart attack lawyer could be a crucial ally to have on your side. Through comprehensive civil litigation, your dedicated attorney could help you pursue compensation for every form of harm this unfortunate incident causes, including both past and future losses relative to your initial filing date.

The Importance of a Functional AED During a Heart Attack

While heart attacks and other medical issues involving the heart often stem from pre-existing conditions like arterial blockage that produce early warning signs and can be responsive to preventative treatments, cardiac arrest can happen with virtually no warning. This is because cardiac arrest often stems from an electrical disturbance within the heart, causing the heart to stop beating altogether and creating an urgent risk of fatal complications.

Immediate CPR and the use of an AED can dramatically improve a cardiac arrest victim’s odds of surviving this medical event. Both federal and state legislators have accordingly mandated that various public places and facilities have a functional AED available for use at all times. Unfortunately, not every business complies with these rules to the extent it should. If that non-compliance directly leads to preventable harm, a Maryland heart attack attorney could potentially help build a civil case against them.

Holding a Business Liable for Heart Attack Injuries

In Maryland, all schools, public pools, medical facilities, and dental facilities must have registered AEDs on site. Certain grocery stores and restaurants may be subject to AED requirements as well. Other businesses that obtain EMS Board certification may install AEDS on their property and receive “Good Samaritan” protections related to their use. In this context, Good Samaritan protections prohibit civil litigation against individuals who attempt to use AEDs in good faith to help someone undergoing cardiac arrest but fail to use the device correctly or are unsuccessful in saving the victim’s life.

Importantly, though, recent changes in Maryland state law have made it so that many ostensibly registered facilities are not actually in compliance with relevant rules regarding the installation and use of AEDs. This potentially means that these facilities may not have Good Samaritan protections in the event someone passes away on their property due to improper AED use. A heart attack attorney in Maryland could explain these rules and how they might impact recovery in a specific situation in more detail during a confidential consultation.

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Heart attacks and cardiac arrests are exceptionally dangerous medical events, but modern medical techniques like CPR and technologies like AEDs can massively improve the chances of survival when applied effectively. If these treatments are not used correctly or not used at all, the individuals or organizations responsible may bear civil liability for ensuing losses.

A conversation with a Maryland heart attack lawyer could provide the clarity you need to effectively enforce your legal rights. Call today to learn more.

Maryland Heart Attack Lawyer