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When you have been injured in a car accident in Greenbelt, you want someone on your side to help you resolve the issue. A Greenbelt injury lawyer can assist you in obtaining the money you need to help you pay your medical bills, damage to your car, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Most drivers traveling in Greenbelt are just trying to arrive at their destination. All drivers have a duty to look out for other drivers and pedestrians while traveling through the city. Unfortunately, not every driver watches closely for other traffic. When this happens in Greenbelt, a person may need an attorney who can help them collect the damages that they are owed, particularly if another driver’s failure to operate a vehicle safely results in your injury.


Negligence is the legal basis for most car accident claims. Successful car accident claims in Greenbelt involve proving the defendant was negligent in some way and their negligence resulted in the injury of the other party. A negligent driver is a person who fails to operate a vehicle with reasonable care. If another person’s negligence harms you in some way, such as causing you to suffer broken bones or bruises, they are liable to you for your injuries from the collision.

Examples of negligence include the following:

  • Failing to use reasonable care. Reasonable care is the amount of care that a reasonably prudent person would use while driving.
  • Failing to obey posted traffic signs. Failing to maintain a proper lookout.
  • Failing to keep a safe distance between vehicles. Sometimes weather conditions, such as ice or snow, make it unsafe to drive at the posted speed limit. Reasonable care requires drivers to go slower than the posted speed limit when conditions require it.
  • Failing to pay attention to the road.

Proof of negligence is sometimes difficult to establish. Often there are no witnesses to an accident besides those involved, who can be biased. Sometimes after an accident, drivers will blame each other for causing the accident. A car accident lawyer in Maryland can help you present evidence to a jury or judge in Greenbelt, to show the other driver caused your injuries. While it is a daunting task to face alone, an attorney can help you prove the other party’s negligence.

Damages in Greenbelt Car Accident Cases

If a negligent driver collides with your vehicle or body, that driver is liable to you for damages. Damages include any physical, emotional, or financial harm caused to you by the collision. For example, the money you pay to the doctors and hospitals that provide care and treatment for your injuries is one type of damage. Lost wages or loss of sick leave and vacation time are also forms of damages. Most people aren’t used to putting a value on a person’s pain and suffering after a car accident collision. An accident attorney can help you accurately assess your damages and make sure that you are compensated for all of your losses.

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