Germantown Slip and Fall Lawyer

Uneven and slippery surfaces on private property can end up causing substantial harm to visitors who are not prepared to suddenly lose their footing. Unfortunately, despite the risks that these hazardous conditions can pose, many private business and landowners fail to inspect their property sufficiently to ensure the safety of their guests, sometimes leading to preventable accidents resulting in thousands of dollars in losses.

If you got hurt in a sudden fall caused by unsafe conditions on someone else’s land, speaking with a Germantown slip and fall lawyer about your legal options may be a good idea. These accidents can produce injuries and immense financial and personal losses, and a skilled personal injury attorney experienced with handling similar cases could work tirelessly on your behalf to achieve a positive resolution to yours.

Establishing Liability for a Slipping or Tripping Accident

The range of potential slipping and tripping hazards that could exist inside a poorly maintained store, home, or pedestrian walkway extends far beyond the occasional puddle or patch of ice. If they stem from a negligent failure to ensure appropriate property maintenance, any of the following conditions could warrant civil litigation if they cause a lawful visitor to fall and get hurt:

  • Torn carpeting
  • Loose floor tiles or boards
  • Cluttered aisles and walkways
  • Cracks and potholes in concrete
  • Staircases with uneven or broken stairs
  • Loose or broken railings and handrails
  • Recently mopped or waxed floors without signage warning of a slipping hazard

However, property owners do not automatically bear civil liability in every situation for injuries sustained by visitors to their land. For a slip and fall claim to move forward, the injured plaintiff must be able to prove that the defendant property owner violated a duty of care they owed to them, a process which can be deceptively complicated depending on the circumstances.

Furthermore, plaintiffs in Maryland must ensure the court overseeing their case does not find them at fault for their own damages to any degree, or they will be barred from recovery altogether thanks to the “pure contributory negligence” system that state courts follow. A Germantown slip and fall attorney could provide crucial assistance building a strong and comprehensive claim in both respects.

What Damages Could Be Recoverable?

A successful lawsuit or settlement demand following a slipping or tripping accident may allow recovery for economic and non-economic consequences of the defendant’s neglect—in other words, both objective and subjective forms of harm. Specific compensable losses in a typical claim may include past and future medical bills, lost work income and/or working capacity, damage to personal property, lost enjoyment of life, and various types of physical and emotional pain.

Importantly, though, Maryland Code §3-2A-09 only allows personal injury plaintiffs to recover for $890,000—as of October 1, 2020—in non-economic damages at most, although this cap increases by $15,000 each year to make up for inflation. Representation from a trip and fall lawyer in Germantown may be essential to maximizing recovery for available losses in spite of these and other limitations.

Seek Help from a Germantown Slip and Fall Attorney

Even if it seems obvious that a property owner or manager failed to meet the duty of care they owed you, proving them liable for a slip or trip and fall can be an immensely complex endeavor. This is especially true if you try to pursue your claim without professional legal guidance, as defense attorneys and insurance reps know all the tricks to taking advantage of unrepresented plaintiffs.

A qualified Germantown slip and fall lawyer could even the odds of a positive case resolution back in your favor. Call today for an initial meeting.