Side Impact Collisions in College Park

A side impact collision is commonly referred to as a T-bone accident. It is typically the front of a vehicle striking the side of another vehicle. This can occur at intersections where a car is on the boulevard and someone who is not paying attention pulls out, colliding into the side of the vehicle on the boulevard. Individuals making turns may fail to yield the right of way and collide into the side of a vehicle.

Other instances occur when a vehicle fails to stop at a stop sign, barrels through an intersection, and collides into the vehicle that has the right of way. When someone runs a red light, or proceeds through an intersection without properly stopping and yielding the right of way, a side impact collision can occur. These types of collisions are very serious. Sometimes, the vehicle that is T-boned is pushed into another vehicle, the curb, an embankment, or across the highway, particularly when there is a lot of force due to speed at the time of collision.

These types of accidents are very serious and can lead to very serious injuries. As a result, if you have been injured in a side impact collision, it is crucial to contact an experienced College Park car accident lawyer as soon as possible to make sure you are taking steps that will be most beneficial to your situation. A knowledgeable lawyer can guide you through the process and will help alleviate the hardships of pursuing a claim, allowing you the time and energy to focus on recovery.

Common Effects

Because the front of a car is hitting the side of the other vehicle, the people sitting in the vehicle being hit are subject to the force of that vehicle coming into the passenger compartment. Their vehicle is deformed by the impact and those forces can be directly applied to the body of the driver or passenger in that vehicle, causing serious injuries.

The structure of a vehicle’s driver door and the passenger doorways are not nearly as strong as the front and back of vehicles. When a vehicle is struck in that area, serious injuries can occur to the driver or passenger with the deformation of the doorway that are only supported by small pillars. Many times, there are hip fractures because of the force of the impact and its effect on the person in the vehicle or there are broken bones and serious injuries. Airbags may deploy, and that impact alone can cause serious injury on the individuals.

Possible Damages

Serious impact is felt by a person in a vehicle struck on the side, particularly if it is struck with the front of another vehicle. Concussions and traumatic brain injuries can be caused by either direct impact with the inside of the vehicle, or just due to the force of the impact. Overall, with this type of collision, very serious injuries can result.

How an Attorney Can Help

An attorney can be of assistance by representing the interest of the injured party, and by conducting a proper investigation of the accident, preserving all evidence following the accident, obtaining statements from witnesses, and by any other means necessary to establish the evidence of fault in the case.

In addition, an attorney can contact the insurance company, represent their client’s interests with the insurance company, and do everything needed to establish, pursue, and resolve the claim to maximize the recovery to which the injured party is entitled. If the case cannot be resolved by way of settlement, the experienced attorney is prepared to pursue the case by filing suit in court and obtaining a judgment for the damages sustained by the injured party due to the accident.